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    Hamline legal studies and pre-law majors experience the true rigors of a law education as well as the personal attention and wide breadth of learning offered by a liberal arts institution. With a law school on campus, Hamline provides undergraduates with access to law students and professors, a first-class research law library, and networking and internship opportunities with judges, state government, and law firms.

    While students may choose any major to prepare for law school, the legal studies department offers several avenues for exploring the field as an undergraduate. The department offers the legal studies major, the pre-law major (or Law School Early Admission program), a paralegal certificate program, and the legal studies minor.

    Legal Studies Major: Students receive a solid legal education that prepares them for law or graduate school, paralegal work, or full-time employment in the public or private sectors. Class sizes are small and taught by experienced legal studies professors and lawyers. Majors are encouraged to pursue a second major or minor to demonstrate skill in more than one discipline -- an advantage to students when applying for law school or seeking full-time employment.

    3-3 Law Program(Law School Early Admission): A joint program with the Hamline University School of Law, the 3-3 program offers the opportunity for a select group of highly motivated and exceptionally qualified students to start law school at the university one year early, at the end of their junior year. A wide variety of majors are available.

    Paralegal Certificate Program Approved by the American Bar Association, Hamline’s paralegal certificate program provides instruction tailored to the development of paralegal skills. The paralegal certificate is not a major, but a professional certificate that students may earn in addition to completing an academic major in Legal Studies or any other discipline; this pairing of practical legal training with a liberal arts education is highly valued by employers.

    Legal Studies Minor: Students majoring in fields impacted by the law and legal regulation (environmental studies, political science, communications, management, international politics, etc.) are encouraged to pursue a legal studies minor. It is recommended for all students considering law school.

    Legal studies majors pursue a variety of paths post-graduation, including:

    Law or graduate school 
    Paralegal and legal assistant 
    Legislative assistant 

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    LGST 1440 & 3440: Beginning and Advanced Mock Trial 

    Students prepare for and conduct a trial of a hypothetical legal case, while learning basic trial procedures and advocacy skills through practice sessions and courtroom simulations. 

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    Law schools attended by Hamline graduates in the past five years have included: Columbia University, University of Minnesota, Washington University, Santa Clara University, and William Mitchell College of Law, among others.

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