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    The values of social justice, civic responsibility, and inclusive leadership and service are built into the Hamline University mission. Therefore it is no surprise that political science is one of the most popular majors on campus.

    There is no shortage of opportunities for such majors at Hamline, which regularly hosts speakers and events surrounding politics, public service, and social activism.

    Students have the option of majoring in public service or political science. The public service major is designed for those who wish to pursue graduate work and/or careers in public administration, policy analysis, management, government service, or city, urban, and regional planning. The political science major is better suited for those who intend to enter law school, pursue graduate work in the social sciences, and/or desire to work in politics and public affairs.

    Faculty members work closely with majors to determine their interests and develop an appropriate long-term plan. The department regularly hosts career panels and information sessions to ensure students are exposed to the wide-ranging career options available in the field.

    Course offerings are comprehensive, from American and international politics to gender politics, political violence, and political psychology, among a host of others. The department is especially strong in international topics. Faculty members have studied and traveled widely in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The major also pairs well with Hamline’s international business, global studies, and >certificate in international journalism programs.

    Majors have access to a variety of special programs including the honors thesis program, independent study, collaborative research projects, and teaching apprenticeships. Many also choose to participate in Model U.N., Washington semester, and/or January-term or semester-long study abroad programs through the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs. The Twin Cities offer a wealth of internship opportunities including those with state and local government, judges, law firms, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and the media. Additionally, a small number of outstanding students are selected each year to work as department assistants.

    Political science and public service majors follow a wide range of career paths. Hamline graduates have found work as: career diplomats, scholars and professors, high-ranking public employees, policy analysts, lawyers, politicians, business executives, elected officials, political leaders, teachers, and journalists.Read more about life after Hamline.


    PSCI 3720: Political Violence: War, Revolution, Terrorism  

    In this course students will examine the theory and practice of various types of political violence and their transforming impact on state, society, and the world. Students will gain an understanding of what factors drive people to revolt and the relationship between power and violence.

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    Hamline was recognized as one of the top two schools in its category for its outstanding voter turnout in 2008 presidential election by Campus Votes Challenge.

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