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    Lasers, the internet, and space travel all exist thanks to physics. Physics attempts to understand the laws of nature and the relationship between energy and matter. A broad field, it encompasses mathematics, engineering, communications, biology, and electronics and provides students with critical thinking and problem solving skills. Physics majors are thus equipped for a wide variety of careers and graduate work from teaching to aerospace engineering.

    At Hamline, physics majors can choose between a bachelor of science (BS) and a bachelor of arts (BA) degree, both of which emphasize fundamental concepts, problem solving, and laboratory techniques. The BS degree is more rigorous and designed for students who intend to pursue graduate work in physics or engineering. It focuses both on advanced physics courses and a breadth of science education. The BA degree is intended for those students who wish to double major in other disciplines or get a teaching license. Students interested in engineering can also pursue Hamline’s 3-2 pre-engineering program, administered through the physics department.

    Physics majors enjoy personal attention from professors and immediate access to laboratory equipment. They will have the opportunity to participate in collaborative research with their professors and present their results at national conferences. This offers the opportunity to network with professionals in their field. The department also has several endowed funds that provide equipment and stipends for student-based research. Internships are highly encouraged. Students have interned at a wide variety of companies, including a solar panel construction and installation business, an environmental testing agency, and an audio-visual design group.

    The physics major provides a flexible framework of knowledge based on fundamental principles and problem-solving that makes it an appealing degree to employers in a variety of fields. These include:

    Space and earth sciences 
    Industry, government, and military consulting 
    Computer science 
    Environmental science 
    Technical writing 

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    PHYS 5920: Research Project-Based Advanced Laboratory 

    This full-year course is the culmination of all the laboratory experiences within the physics curriculum. Building upon their current laboratory and problem solving skills, students will complete a number of group and independent research projects. These projects will require equipment interfacing; computer programming; basic and advanced circuits; optics; using the machine shop to build experimental apparatuses; planning, ordering, and scheduling task;, preparing a professional report and presentation; and more.

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    You can gain recognition for your talent in physics. Hamline offers renewable scholarships to students with a demonstrated interest in and aptitude for science. See our scholarships page or contact your admission counselor for more information.

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