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    Thinking globally? Then consider Hamline's global studies major, which challenges students to develop an interdisciplinary knowledge of world issues. Global studies provides a sound liberal arts education for students interested in the complex political, cultural, social, biological, and economic connections and interrelationships that exist among peoples of the world. The major prepares students for graduate and professional study and careers in the public, private, or nonprofit sector that require international and intercultural expertise.

    As a global studies major you’ll be encouraged to specialize in an area of the world that interests you, so you’ll graduate with both a strong knowledge of the world in general as well as in-depth knowledge of a specific region. To fulfill the major, students must develop a working knowledge of one language or have exposure to two languages other than his or her first language. Study abroad or another appropriate off-campus study is also required; choose from one (or more) of Hamline’s study abroad programs offered in more than 40 countries around the world.

    Students with a particular interest in journalism might also consider pursuing Hamline’s certificate in international journalism, a six-course program that prepares students for careers in global media. Hamline also offers weekly events and discussions through its International Roundtable series. Held every Friday, faculty, students, and guests lecture on topics such as "The Obama Narrative: Following the Flow of ‘Obamania’ to France" and "Unequal Environmental Burden Distribution and its Effects on the Current Disaster in Haiti."

    Many global studies majors pursue graduate school, international volunteer work, and post-graduate fellowships in the discipline or related fields. Global studies majors go on to careers as: 

    Government employees 
    Business executives 
    Nonprofit managers 
    Activists and advocates 
    Fulbright fellows 
    Foreign service workers 

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    GLOB 3530: Culture, Illness, and Health 

    Explore how power is utilized to privilege some sectors and deprive other groups of basic standards of community health and consider the meaning of signs of sickness and suffering as a way of interpreting their relationship to broader social themes including technology, ritual, and religion.

    GLOB 1910: Introduction to Global Studies 

    Students learn about the interdisciplinary field of global studies through a focus on the historical and theoretical approaches that created global studies as a field of study. Key texts introduce themes to be encountered in upper-level courses. 

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    Hamline was named a top Fulbright scholar-producing university, having produced 23 Fulbright scholars in 15 years.

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    Kestrel Jenkins graduated in 2007 and was awarded the Fulbright.