• Digital Media Arts Program

    Technology is an omnipresent and growing force that will continue to make an indelible impact on our world. Hamline’s digital media arts major is ideal for future artists, analysts, and professionals who will produce and fully engage the next generation of media, including video production, interactive web design, digital video editing, and audio production. Our graduates will be prepared to create as well as critically analyze media across contexts, able to adapt and innovate in the continuously-evolving media landscape. 

    Hamline’s digital media arts programs focus on the development of technical skills and provide students with practical learning experiences and regular professional assessment of their work as they progress toward their degree. The major also develops the broad analytical skills central to the liberal arts. It is intentionally interdisciplinary, and students will pursue the major in explicit relation to other fields like law, performing arts, health sciences, anthropology, English, or political science. 

    Digital media arts majors will take two required foundational courses and, in consultation with their advisor and departmental faculty members, determine subsequent classes based on their career goals and individual interests. 

    Upon completion of the digital media arts major, students will also have created projects and a portfolio that demonstrates their accumulated abilities after four years of study—a tangible achievement that can be shared with potential employers.

    Students studying digital media arts are prime candidates for on-campus employment in Hamline’s Digital Media Lab and TV studio. Many, if not all, students will also pursue an internship during their time at Hamline, which will help develop their curricular skills through corporate, nonprofit, and/or government work. 

    Sample Courses

    Investigations in Digital Media Arts
    Video Ethnography
    Tweeting a Revolution: Social Media and Globalization of Protest
    Video Production
    Digital Photography
    Interactive Web Design
    Video Editing

    Careers and Graduate Work

    Digital media arts majors are prepared for a wide variety of careers, including:

    • Web or Graphic Designer
    • Photographer
    • Film Maker
    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Journalism
    • Social Media Management
    • Animator
    • Art director

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  • Spotlight

    Introduction to Critical Media Studies

    This course is designed to create savvy media consumers, teaching students to understand the forces behind media institutions that influence the ways they create messages. Students will learn to construct and express oral arguments pertaining to media issues more effectively and academically. Content will include: new and old media, media theory, communications infrastructure, media ownership, media impact, media policy, and media ethics and the law.

    Did You Know?

    Employment in the field of digital media is expected to grow by 18% until 2018—faster than average for all occupations.

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