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    Milyon Trulove

    Dean of Admission


    Americans Abroad


    High school attended: Minneapolis Roosevelt High School

    College graduated from:
    St. Olaf College

    Major in college:
    Psychology, Communications, and Theatre

    Favorite college activity: 
    Intramural basketball, student activities, and theatre

    Favorite local restaurant:
    The best local restaurant is Bagu Sushi in South Minneapolis -- a quick 15-minute ride from Hamline University. While the décor connects you to the hustle and bustle of Uptown, the atmosphere is casual and comfortable. If you get the chance, check out this place. You might find me out on the patio with the Four Season Roll.

    Favorite fact about Hamline:
    Hamline is likely one of the most welcoming college campuses you’ll find in the Twin Cities Metro Area. The students are bright, curious, active, and eager to show new visitors around. I’m consistently impressed with how Pipers take advantage of their surroundings both off and on-campus. Every weekend seems like a mini-adventure.