• Kelsey Reger

    Kelsey Reger Johnson

    Senior Admission Counselor


    Select St. Paul Schools
    Twin Cities Metro South
    Northwestern Minnesota
    Southwestern United States

    High school attended: Eastview High School

    College attended: Luther College

    Major in college: Psychology, Spanish

    Favorite college activity: I most-enjoyed taking advantage of J-term study abroad programs.  I had the opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, England, Chile, and Argentina studying language, conflict resolution, and peace-keeping strategies.  I stayed with host families, explored abandoned castles, zip-lined through the Andes Mountains, heard stories from victims of war, and opened my eyes to culture.

    Interesting fact:  I married another Luther alum this past June.  Go Norse!

    Why I love Hamline:  I am most impressed with the emphasis Hamline puts on giving back to the community. Living by John Wesley's mantra, "Do all the good you can.  By all the means you can.  In all the ways you can.  In all the places you can.  To all the people you can.  As long as you ever can", Hamline students understand the greater goal of higher education.