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  • Julia Williams


    Julia Williams

    Assistant Director of Admission


    Stillwater Area
    Southwestern Metro
    International Students

    High School Attended:
    John Marshall High School, Rochester MN

    College attended: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    Major in college: East Asian Studies

    Favorite college activity:  As part of my degree, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Hiroshima, Japan.  It was a life-changing experience!

    Interesting fact:  My study abroad experience led to ten years living and working abroad in schools and universities in Asia and Europe.  I've recently returned to the Twin Cities and have been relishing getting the best of both worlds. I’m surrounded by beautiful parks, lakes and trails, but also in an urban area with a huge variety of restaurants, shops and cultural events; all while meeting the famously friendly people who live here in Minnesota!

    Why I love Hamline:  Hamline's genuine commitment to diversity is reflected both in our core values and in the composition of our student body.  I feel right at home in this incredibly rich mix of students and faculty from all different walks of life, each bringing a unique perspective to our strong, vibrant community.