• New Student Mentors

    New Student Mentors (NSM) are current Hamline students prepared to welcome you and help you throughout your first year at Hamline.  

    These enthusiastic students are able to help answer your questions, show you around campus, learn the ins and outs of Hamline, and help ease your transition to a new college campus. 

    They will serve as your guide throughout Piper Passages and your first semester at Hamline. Once classes begin, NSMs continue to act as a resource to transfer students and assist with TRANSFERmation Lunches (Hamline’s extended orientation for transfer students). They serve as mentors and role models for students new to the Hamline community.

    Alex Abraha, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: St.Paul, MN
    Major: Social Justice
    Class Year: 2016
    Favorite thing about Hamline: How close it is to the state fair 
    Fun fact about me: I’m double jointed

    Tessa Asong-Morfaw, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Champlin, Minnesota
    Major: Legal Studies with a Paralegal Certificate 
    Class Year: 2015
    Favorite thing about Hamline: The Community. It's small, friendly, and convenient for me to go anywhere.    
    Fun fact about me: I support the Miami Heat.

    Rachael Barnes, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota
    Major: English
    Class Year: 2015
    Favorite thing about Hamline: The location - I love taking advantage of the Twin Cities area. 
    Fun fact about me: My mother graduated from Hamline.  

    Haley Capra, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Mahtomedi, MN
    Major: Social Justice, Communications
    Class Year:  2016
    Favorite thing about Hamline: I like how small it is, because it allows each student to get the attention they need to be successful.
    Fun fact about me: There’s a very slim chance you’ll ever see me without a hat on.

    Brody Honkanen, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin
    Major: Political Science - Public Service
    Class Year: 2017
    Favorite thing about Hamline: The professors really do know your name.    
    Fun fact about me: I live my life by a schedule.  I am definitely "Type A!"

    Haley Magnuson, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
    Major: Secondary Education, English
    Class Year: 2015
    Favorite thing about Hamline: The sense of community.
    Fun fact about me: This past spring I backpacked around Europe for 5 weeks  

    Alexandria Swanson, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Waconia, Minnesota
    Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology with a minor in Forensics
    Class Year: 2016
    Favorite thing about Hamline: The people-I can always find friends to talk to and make new ones because most of the people here are really nice.    
    Fun fact about me: I love being outdoors and hanging out with friends or meeting new people.

    Sandra Young, Transfer New Student Mentor
    Hometown: Falcon Heights, Minnesota.
    Major: Criminal Justice
    Class Year: 2015
    Favorite thing about Hamline: How much everyone is invested in your personal success.
    Fun fact about me: I love to do obstacle course races!