• Unionization Effort at Hamline University

    Message from Provost Eric Jensen
    June 24, 2014

    Dear Colleagues,

    With the news last Friday that the service workers’ union obtained a majority of votes in the union representation election and will now be the bargaining agent for a segment of our adjunct professors at Hamline, we have received a few questions from adjunct faculty members on whether and how this vote will affect them. I hope the following information will help to answer your questions.

    Not in the Bargaining Unit

    Those who are unaffected by the election, and who will not be represented by a union include:

    Tenured and tenure-track faculty; teaching track faculty (regardless of faculty rank or appointment); visiting faculty and visiting assistant professors; full-time faculty; all faculty who teach any course in the School of Law; faculty librarians; faculty who exclusively teach music lessons; faculty who exclusively teach online; faculty who exclusively teach graduate-level courses; faculty who exclusively provide individual student instruction (i.e., capstone, thesis, dissertation, independent study, practicum, or internship); faculty who exclusively teach a class or lab conducted primarily at some location other than Hamline’s Saint Paul campus; and all other staff members (whether or not they have teaching responsibilities).

    For these adjunct faculty members, the university leadership may continue to have direct, one-on-one conversations with you regarding your wages and terms and conditions of employment.

    In The Bargaining Unit

    Those who will now be in the bargaining unit, represented by the service workers’ union, include: 

    All other part-time, non-tenured and non-tenure-eligible adjunct faculty members who teach undergraduate labs or credit-earning classes toward an academic degree program on Hamline’s Saint Paul campus.

    For this segment of the adjunct faculty, you do have a choice of whether to join the union or not, but you will be required to pay union fees or dues, regardless. For those who meet the bargaining unit qualifications and who choose to join the union, the university is now legally obligated to bargain with the union over wages and terms and conditions of employment for you.

    If you are an adjunct faculty member and you are unsure of which category you fall into, please ask the dean of your school for clarification.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new process.


    Provost Eric Jensen

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