• Policies

  • Undergraduate Policies

    The following policies are those applicable to all Hamline University undergraduate students.

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    ACTC Conduct Statement
    When undergraduate students from one of the five institutions are on one of the member campuses, the judicial regulations of that institution apply to them.

    Amnesty (Good Samaritan) Policy for Student Drug/Alcohol Violations
    When assisting an intoxicated individual by alerting University staff (e.g. RA, residence professional staff member, Office of Safety & Security), neither the intoxicated individual nor those who seek help will be subject to formal disciplinary action.  

    Code of Conduct Student Athletes
    In addition to the Hamline University Judicial Code for all students, student-athletes must be aware of the following behavior standards.

    Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy: Undergraduate Students  Financial aid eligibility is based on satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards that Hamline University's financial aid office is required by the U. S. Department of Education to establish, publish, and apply.

    Four-Year Graduation Assurance
    First-year students at Hamline University may enter into a partnership with the institution to ensure completion of their bachelor’s degree within four years.

    Hamline University does not allow hazing by any individual or group.

    Health Insurance
    All Hamline University undergraduate and law students are required to have sickness and accident insurance.

    Honor Code: Undergraduate Students
    Every member of the Hamline University community—students, faculty, administrators, and staff—is responsible for upholding the highest standards of academic integrity at all times.

    Students who do not comply with Minnesota immunization requirements will have a hold placed on their account, and they will not be allowed to register for a second term.

    Student Media Board
    The student press at Hamline University exists to give the students a vehicle for the broad expression of their views on matters of concern to them. In brief, it is a press governed by and for the students. It is free from censorship or advance approval of copy by the university or any part of it, and the editorial staff is free to develop its own editorial policy and provide such news coverage as it finds appropriate.

    Student Rights: Undergraduate Students
    Hamline University, by vote of the undergraduate faculty and student congress, endorses the principles embodied in the Joint Statement on the Rights and Freedoms of Students document drafted by several national associations. The purpose of this document is to apply to Hamline University, in practice, the principles outlined in the joint statement.

  • University news
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    • Dr. Christy Haynes will present the 2014 3M/Mitsch Lecture in Chemistry on Friday, April 25 at 12:45 p.m. in Sundin Music Hall.