Alcohol Policy: Students

Owner: Dean of Students
Pertains to: All students
Description: The following regulations and procedures cover student alcohol use in all areas of campus.


Hamline University's alcohol policy establishes an atmosphere of accountability and places upon those who use alcohol the responsibility to do so in an orderly manner consistent with both state and local laws and reasonable regulations by the university. The policy and procedures are consistent with state and local laws, in particular, those regarding legal age and alcohol. The legal age to consume and/or purchase alcohol in the state of Minnesota is 21.

The university shall also offer educational programs on the uses, abuses and effects of alcohol and other drugs.

The following regulations and procedures cover student alcohol use in all areas of campus. The regulations and procedures apply to any event sponsored, funded, or hosted by a Hamline University student organization on or off Hamline University property. 

Students are responsible for their behavior on and off campus and need to be in accordance with all rules and policies of Hamline University as well as city and state laws and ordinances.


Consumption or Display 

Consumption or display of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from the public grounds of the university, including athletic facilities, lawns bordering city sidewalks, windows, walkways and parking lots. Alcohol may be served and consumed only within a confined area.

Alcohol may not be served to, consumed, or possessed by anyone under the age of twenty-one (21) years. Alcohol may not be served or furnished to any person who is obviously intoxicated.


On Campus Events – sponsored and/or funded by student organizations

All student organizations wishing to serve alcohol as part of an organized event, may do so by adhering to the Policy for Serving Alcohol at Events.

Off Campus Events – sponsored and/or funded by student organizations 

Any event sponsored and/ or funded by a student organization wishing to serve or provide alcohol at an off-campus event needs the approval of the dean of their respective college or school. Undergraduate student organizations approval is through the Dean of Students Office.

Purchase of Alcohol 

Undergraduate student fees or any proceeds from an event may not be used for the purchase of alcohol. 

State & Local Law 

Alcohol is subject not only to reasonable regulation by the university, but also to restrictions imposed by state and local laws. To secure the integrity of the university, therefore, anyone using alcohol on the Hamline campus is required to do so within the provisions of state and local law. Minnesota Statutes and the ordinances of the City of Saint Paul are included following the provisions of this policy. 

Residence Halls and University Owned/Regulated Houses 

Consumption of alcoholic beverages by individual students of legal age within the confines of their own residence hall rooms with the door shut are a matter of privacy and will remain so as long as it does not take place in corridors, lounges or common areas, and as long as the rights of other students or neighbors to an orderly environment and reasonable quiet are not infringed upon. The same principles of privacy and orderly environment apply to individual students of legal age in university owned or regulated houses, as long as consumption does not take place on porches, lawns or other public areas. See the alcohol policy for residential students for more information.

Health Risks 

The use and particularly abuse of alcohol has severe health risks including: psychological and physical dependence; impaired judgment; birth defects; brain, liver, kidney, stomach, pancreas and heart damage; and even death. 

It is not the university's role or responsibility to protect members of the university community from their own use or abuse of alcohol. However, resources, assistance, or referral regarding health risks, treatment or rehabilitation options are available through the university's Counseling and Health Services Center (651-523-2204). Local resources within the Twin Cities area are also available. 


Guests and visitors to Hamline University are responsible to follow all Hamline policies. Hamline University students are responsible for the guests they bring to campus events and may be held accountable for their guest's behavior. 


Any allegation of a violation of this policy will be referred to the Student Judicial Policy through the applicable academic unit's process. When all the complainant(s) and respondent(s) are enrolled in a single academic unit, the complaint shall be subject to the judicial process of that unit. When only one student is accused and the complainant(s) and the respondent are enrolled in more than one academic unit, the complaint shall be subject to the judicial process of the academic unit in which the respondent is enrolled. Following are the academic units: College of Liberal Arts, School of Law, School of Education, School of Business, and Graduate School of Liberal Studies.

Sanctions for violation of this policy will be resolved in accordance with the student judicial policy. Sanctions include, but are not limited to: a written warning, fines, educational intervention and/or assessment, probationary status, removal from residence halls, apartments, or university owned or regulated houses, suspension, expulsion, and/or referral for prosecution as applicable by local, state and federal law.