• Graduate and Law Policies

    The following policies are those applicable to Hamline University graduate and law students.

    Academic Integrity for Graduate Students
    Dishonesty of any kind in relation to academic work threatens the integrity of the academic enterprise and is prohibited at Hamline University.

    Academic Progress: Graduate Students
    Students who do not make satisfactory academic progress may be suspended at the discretion of the program dean/director and the faculty advisory committee.

    Academic Rules for Law Students
    These Academic Rules apply generally to all members of the law school community.

    Admission to Graduate Programs
    Students wishing to enroll in degree program coursework must be either fully admitted to the degree program or admitted with conditional or special status.

    All Student Travel Policy
    This travel policy is design to cover travel by students with, on behalf of, or otherwise sponsored by Hamline University that is outside the Twin Cities Metro area (or approximately 50 miles away from the St. Paul campus). It requires that all student participants must sign a general liability waiver and provide emergency contact information to be held in a Hamline-based office for the duration of the travel.

    Amnesty (Good Samaritan) Policy for Student Drug/Alcohol Violations
    When assisting an intoxicated individual by alerting University staff (e.g. RA, residence professional staff member, Office of Safety & Security), neither the intoxicated individual nor those who seek help will be subject to formal disciplinary action.

    Attendance and Assignments Policy for Graduate Students
    Overview of policies related to attendance and assignments for graduate students.

    Attendance Policy: Law Students
    Hamline University School of Law pursues quality legal education as a duty to its students, as a duty to the profession, as a duty to future clients of its students, and as a duty to society. For these reasons the Attendance Policy is established.

    Auditing a Master's Level Course
    Students may audit master’s level courses on a space-available basis and with permission of the program office.

    Bar Examinations
    You are responsible for determining the requirements for bar admission in the state in which you choose to practice.

    Class Cancellation: Graduate Courses
    In the unlikely event that course enrollment does not reach the minimum, the course will be canceled. Students are notified seven days in advance.

    Code of Conduct: School of Law
    The School of Law Code of Conduct contains the rules which shall govern any student enrolled in any course offered by the law school and the procedures to be followed in administering the rules.

    Course Credit: Graduate Courses
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding graduate course credit.

    Evaluation Policy: Graduate Courses
    Students are expected to evaluate their current courses and quality of instruction at the conclusion of every course.

    Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy: Graduate and Law Students
    Because Hamline University is committed to ensuring that their graduate and professional students are successful in completing their degree programs, their progress is monitored on an annual basis and those not meeting SAP criteria may be placed on financial aid probation and eventually suspended from receiving financial aid.

    Financial Policies and Procedures: Graduate Students
    The brochure Financial Policies and Procedures is distributed to new degree-seeking students.

    Grading Policy: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy related to graduate program grading procedures.

    Registration: Graduate Students
    The Hamline registration web site at www.hamline.edu/registration lists registration instructions, course information, an academic calendar for the term, and registration forms for degree and licensure students. Registration closes the day before the beginning of the term. Courses involving travel or other events may have earlier deadlines.

    Student Policy Manual: Law Students
    This manual collects major policies and procedures pertinent to students enrolled at Hamline University School of Law (Hamline Law).

    Student Status: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy on graduate student status.

    Time Limits: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy on time limits for graduate students.

    Transcripts: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy on graduate student transcript requests.

    Transfer of Credit: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy on transfer of credit/credit equivalencies for graduate students.

    Transferring Credit: Low Residency, MFA Students
    The Graduate School of Liberal Studies has adopted the following policy regarding transfer credit for low-residency MFA students.

    Tuition and Fees: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policies regarding graduate student tuition and fees.

    Withdrawal: Graduate Students
    Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding withdrawal from a graduate course or program.

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