• PiperXpress


    The PiperXpress Center Is Open!!!

    The PiperXpress Center in the basement of the Bush Student Center provides improved Copying and Mail Services.

    Metered Mail Rate Increase Effective May 31, 2015: The U.S. Post Office has communicated a forthcoming increase on metered mail letters in the 1-2 oz. range.  Metered mail is a discounted rate that we use for sending letters out for Hamline. It is currently at $0.46/oz. and will be increasing to $0.47/oz. on May 31.

    Phone: 651-523-2215
    Email: piperxpress@hamline.edu
    Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm

    Manager: Danielle Goggins
    Staff Member: Stone Lovecharm
    Staff Member: Abdi Muuse


    Hamline's partner in providing 'PiperXpressprint/copy services to campus is Marco. We have been working with Marco for many years on our classroom audiovisual technology, and they are helping us provide better service while advocating environmental responsibility by printing less.

     Check the location of the new PiperXpress Digital Imagers:
     PiperXpress locations (Google Slides)   PiperXpress locations (PDF version)

    This change affects the following aspects of printing services at Hamline:

    •  Fleet printing (the digital imagers across campus) - The current fleet of digital imagers will be replaced by new Canon devices, and will have several new features, including:

      •  Secure Print - All printing will be sent to a single secure queue, and you will be able to release your job at any digital imager on campus. Therefore, you will be able to print from your desk, and pick it up on your way to a meeting or your class.

      •  Mobile printing - You will be able to print to devices by emailing an attachment from your mobile device to the mobileprint Hamline email address

      •  Scan to email - You will be able to walk up to any digital imager, present your ID card, and easily scan your document, and have it either emailed to you, or saved to your Google drive 

    •  Fax Services - Ability to send and receive faxes. This is the Information Presentation.
      Submit the settings for a Fax Number (Google Form)

    •  PiperXpress Center (the new Copy Center and Mail Services) - You will have the ability to print directly from your computer to the PiperXpress Center, and track your PiperXpress Center job status via a web page. There will be enhanced package tracking (such as email notification).

    For help using the PiperXpress digital imagers please use these user guides:

    To Learn more about PiperXpress please consult the PiperXpress FAQs updated in October 2014