• The Hamline Piper


    Hamline University
    1536 Hewitt Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55104


  • Piper History

    History of the Hamline Piper

    In the early 1920's, Hamline athletics were becoming increasingly successful and in 1922 a new athletic field with a stadium and track, known as New Norton Field, was completed. As interest in the teams grew, the St. Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch writers felt that a new team name was needed to replace the traditional name of the Red and Gray. Suggestions came in, among them Red Sox, Red Legs, and Cardinals. But the suggestion that caught on was The Pipers, taken from Robert Browning's poem "The Pied Piper of Hamelin." Ever since, Hamline has been proud to call The Piper our official mascot.

    Mascot Costume Timeline

    Throughout the years, the mascot's design has changed substantially, but students have always been eager to show their school spirit by bringing the Piper to life.

    Piper Mascot Timeline 

    Mascot Illustration Timeline

    The graphic version of the Piper has undergone even more changes than his costumed counterpart. Below are a few examples of the illustrated Piper.

    Piper Mascot Illustrations Timeline

  • The Piper Poem

    I’m the famed Piper of Hamline U
    Herald of fortune and cheer
    Who charms crowds with my song
    And brings luck to all who hear.

    But for teams who dare to test our grit
    I play a different tune.
    A word to the wise—cover your ears
    Or pay the Piper his due.

    So follow me, dear Hamline friends
    I will not lead you astray.
    To the land of sweet victory
    Let nothing stand in our way!