• The Hamline Piper


    Hamline University
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  • The Hamline Piper

    About the Piper

    A college mascot serves as an identifiable element to represent the campus community and as an icon for school pride and spirit.  The mascot should be an image to which everyone in the university community feels connected with and inspired by, in order to promote school spirit
    The Hamline Piper has proudly served as our mascot since the 1920s, bringing luck to our sports teams, school spirit to our students, and excitement to the campus at large! 

    The New Piper Revealed October 2013

  • Hamline’s longtime mascot, the Piper, revealed the results of an extreme makeover at the Saturday, October 5 football game as part of homecoming and alumni weekend celebrations. Over the past year, Hamline staff, with input from students, faculty, alumni, and community members, worked to rebrand the Piper to better fit the needs of the community.

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  • The Piper Poem

    I’m the famed Piper of Hamline U
    Herald of fortune and cheer
    Who charms crowds with my song
    And brings luck to all who hear.

    But for teams who dare to test our grit
    I play a different tune.
    A word to the wise—cover your ears
    Or pay the Piper his due.

    So follow me, dear Hamline friends
    I will not lead you astray.
    To the land of sweet victory
    Let nothing stand in our way!