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    Opportunity Scholarship Fund

    It is estimated that 90% of current undergraduate students and 80% of current law students demonstrated financial need to attend Hamline.

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    As many at Hamline continue to hear from students and families who have been challenged by current economic times, the university has reaffirmed its commitment to students by increasing the amount of financial aid available.  

    Enter the Opportunity Scholarship Fund. As part of the Alumni Annual Fund, contributions to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund will be earmarked specifically for financial aid and need-based scholarships.

    One hundred percent of gifts designated to this portion of the Annual Fund will be used to provide annual scholarship support to current students.

    As an incoming student, Emma Reeves ‘14 applied for and received a physics scholarship, donated by an alumni couple, which pays her yearly tuition.

    “Thanks to this financial support, I am lucky to attend Hamline without the burden of wondering how to pay for my education. This leaves me free to pursue multiple independent research projects, community volunteerism and extracurricular activities,” Reeves said. 

    Jameelah Haadee, a second-year law student, came to study law through an untraditional route. Her undergraduate and master’s degrees are in electrical engineering, and after working at 3M for a handful of years, she came to a point in her career where she wanted a transition. Law always interested her, so she began to explore her options.

    She said she landed at Hamline in part because of the generous scholarships she received.

    “The Leonard, Street and Deinard scholarship not only supports my education financially, but it has also opened up doors by way of networking and mentorship opportunities with practicing attorneys. And thanks to the stipend offered by Hamline Law, I was able to support my studies at the University of the Western Cape with an internship at the South African Human Rights Division while studying abroad in South Africa last summer.” 

    More than 2,100 students across the university require financial aid to attend Hamline. Make a difference in the lives of current and future students by making a gift today.

  • Student Stories

    Kati Spotlight ThumbnailPlayKati Aleckson ’11

    Scholarships made Hamline a reality for a transfer student who desired more leadership training than what her community college could supply. 

    Caty Spotlight ThumbnailPlayCaty Bishop ’12

    Educated across the world, a generous financial aid award helped her make the decision to join Hamline’s diverse community of learners. 

    Beau Spotlight ThumbnailPlayBeau Christian ’12

    Merit scholarships and financial assistance allowed him to pursue his love of hockey will still gaining a top-notch education in the personal learning environment at Hamline.