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  • For Law Students

    The Writing Center and the School of Law have collaboratively developed several guidelines for law students who wish to use Writing Center services.

    Consultation Guidelines

    1. Clients (law students) should bring specific questions or concerns to the writing consultation. Consultants will not read your document to look for “anything that could be done better.” Consultants also will not review your document line-by-line.

    2. Consultants will seek to be fair and consistent about their work with all their clients, and they will use their judgment to determine what assistance will benefit you most. Consultants will use their discretion to prioritize issues that warrant discussion, set limits (possibly beyond the general ones stated here) on what it is appropriate for them to do in a given situation, and refer you to an ASP tutor or to your Legal Writing Professor when they determine that a question is more appropriately answered by one of them.

    3. Consultants may give feedback about writing issues (including issues such as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and organization). The consultant’s primary role is to assess the extent to which your writing conveys clearly and concisely what you want the writing to convey. Writing consultants may, within their discretion, also address the writer's legal analysis, the writer's ability to use/describe/choose cases appropriately, and the writer's ability to formulate conclusions that are appropriate for the assigned materials. However, because it often may be more appropriate to address questions in these areas to your Legal Writing Professor or ASP tutor, your consultant may direct you to do so.

    4. You are the one responsible for following the format rules and other instructions provided by your Legal Writing Professor. If you have any questions about whether the writing consultant’s guidance fits with your professor’s expectations, it is your responsibility to check with your professor. If you have questions about your professor’s feedback on your writing, contact your professor. Writing Center Consultants do not predict or interpret professor feedback.

    5. Writing consultants will not proofread documents or check citations. However, consultants may point out error patterns in citation form.

    6. Tutor availability for work on each of the three major first-year Legal Writing assignments (Closed Memorandum One, Closed Memorandum Two, and the Motion Memorandum) will end on the Friday before the due date for each assignment.

    7. Writing consultants are only available for appointments during their scheduled hours in the Writing Center. Please do not contact them for assistance outside of their designated schedules.  If you need additional assistance, contact your Legal Writing Instructor. If for some reason you are unable to reach your instructor, contact:

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