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    Writing Staff

    Julie Bach

    Writing Specialist

    Julie BachJulie is the head of the Writing Center and in charge of the online appointment database WCOnline. She often teaches the ENG 1110 course Reading and Writing Texts, and can be found in her office under the stairs in the basement of Bush Library.

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    BooneBoone is a law student in the JD MFA joint degree program. He is studying to become a copyright lawyer and hopes to start his practice in Washington DC after he graduates.

    Boone loves historical trivia and great literature. His cat is named Chekhov after the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    AllisonAllison is a graduate student in the Creative writing program.

    Allison loves singing, cats, and everything BBC.

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    BreeBree is a graduate student finishing up her MFA in Creative Writing.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    AriyaAriya is a chemistry student. In her free time she likes to play piano and her hobbies include eating and swimming.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    MaggieMaggie is an undergraduate student in their third year at Hamline.

    They love punk music, working with lgbtqia youth, and running around campus with their Fysem as a New Student Mentor.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    NickNick is an English and music student.

    Nick loves animals, spending time outdoors gardening, and oatmeal.

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    Hannah Joy

    Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    Hannah JoyHannah is an ESL teaching student finishing her capstone. She spent several months teaching English to international students and hopes to continue working with students around the world after she graduates.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant

    BelleBelle is an English and Creative Writing student. After graduation, she hopes to become a book editor or publisher and move out to the west coast.

    Belle loves theatre, books, the oxford comma, and visiting her niece and nephew out west.

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