• Welcome to the Writing Center! 

    The writing center is open during summer terms!



    What Students Are Saying... 


    “I learned more from my one session about the writing process and ways to make it easier than I learned from my high school or college English classes.” 
    “This Writing Center appointment made it possible to set aside my panic and write the essay!”  
     "I appreciate that I can come in for all stages of my writing, and just being able to talk out my ideas.”  
    “The feedback and assistance I received from the Writing Center staff was always helpful, focused on my writing needs, and encouraging.”  

    Where is the Writing Center?

    The Writing Center is located on the lower level of Bush Library.

    Who can visit the Writing Center?

    Any undergraduate, graduate, or law student at Hamline can use the Writing Center completely free of charge. 

    What does the Writing Center do?

    Consultants work one-on-one with students on virtually anything: class assignments, applications for grad school or studying abroad, cover letters, and more!

    Do instructors know the content of student visits to the WC?

    No. The content of student meetings with writing consultants is completely confidential.

    How can I prepare for my Writing Center appointment?

    • Visit early in the writing process.
    • Bring all instructions for your assignment, including rubrics.
    • Come prepared to engage with your consultant.