• McVay Alumni: Fellows 2009-2010

    Tyler Anderson

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    Hamline United Methodist Church


    Hello, my name is Tyler Anderson, and this is my second year with McVay. I enjoy spending time with the kids/youth and getting to know them.

    I am a junior at Hamline University and am majoring in psychology. I am looking to get my teaching license as well. In addition to working for McVay, I play trombone in the jazz and winds ensembles at Hamline. I am a Hand-in-Hand "buddy" at Hancock Elementary. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, bowling, camping, fishing, biking and just about anything active in the outdoors.


    Annalise Backstrom

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    Emma's Place


    My name is Annalise Backstrom and I'm a junior at Hamline. I'm a criminal justice major with a minor in psychology. I love singing and am in the Women's Chorale at Hamline!

    I'm also involved with the Peer Educators group, which is a lot of fun. This is my first year with McVay and I'm very excited for the opportunity to share many experiences with the students at Emma's Place, as well as with my co-workers!



    Brad Brake

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    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    Greetings all. My name is Brad Brake, and this will be my first year with McVay.  I grew up on a farm four hours southwest of St. Paul.  I am a senior here at Hamline majoring in sociology and religion.  I plan on joining a non-profit for a year or two after graduation before I go to grad school for sociology of religion.  I love sports (I played on the basketball team my first two years at Hamline), music, movies, and food.  I am very much looking forward to this new experience at McVay.


    Karyn Cave

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    Liberty Plaza


    Hello everyone!!! My name is Karyn and I’m a Junior majoring in English with a minor in sociology. I was born in Minnesota but grew up in Denver. A few of my interests are: art, theater, listening to Billy Joel, learning new words, body modification, and laughing way too hard. In my spare time you can usually find me writing something in a journal, spending time with people I love, working out, or wasting time on the computer.

    I’ve been working at McVay for almost three and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a Fellow at Liberty Plaza and also serve as Senior Fellow. McVay has been a great opportunity because I am able to interact with youth, serve as a positive role model and learn a lot about myself through the kids. I’m fortunate to work at Liberty because it is partnered with Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church, which is the church I attended as a child and I am now serving on the ministry staff working with the kids there as well.


    Larry Deeton, Jr.

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    Hamline United Methodist Church


    Hello my name is Larry Deeton Jr. I am a psychology major, I play on the football team and I am an active member in numerous organizations on campus including the McVay Youth Voice Program. I am competitive in everything that I do and I put 100 percent into everything.  I am a music lover.

    Working in the McVay program has opened up my eyes and heart, and I will forever take what I have learned in it with me for the rest of my life. In high school I was a two-time champion in track and was honored to be in the top 25 football players in Houston in my position. I look to further my work with McVay and be the best I can be for the kids


    Christy Dudero

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    Wheelock Parkway United Methodist Church


    Coming soon...

    Kala Ebbe

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    Hamline United Methodist Church


    Hey everyone! I came to McVay with a passion for helping people - listening and giving advice about everyday life. Along with my major, I've thought about possibly continuing my education to focus on becoming some sort of counselor.

    Mentoring at McVay has been a great tool in moving toward becoming a counselor. Other than McVay, I work with children 5-12 years old at the YWCA and Adventure Club. I enjoy establishing and maintaining strong bonds and friendships with the students I work with.  I'm open to trying new ideas and activities. I love watching/playing sports, hangin' out with friends and family ... AND of course, working with young teens/adults.



    Rylee Erickson

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    Liberty Plaza


    Hi! My name is Rylee Erickson and i am a junior at Hamline University studying English/Creative writing. I am originally from a small town in Northern Minnesota called Cloquet with I didn't fully appreciate until I moved to the city. In my spare time you can probably find me with my friends, running, or reading. After Hamline, there is more school in my future, I love to learn and honestly don't understand what adults do when they stop going to school.

    I have heard so many wonderful things about the McVay program and I can't help but feel that I have a lot to live up to in my first year with McVay as a fellow. Despite this, I am more than thrilled at the opportunity to make a difference.


    Katie Hoemberg

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    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    Hello, my name is Katie Hoemberg.
    I am a sophomore at Hamline University, majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology. After I graduate from Hamline I plan on to go to Law School. Along with McVay, I work at Bush Library and in the Human Resources Department at Hamline. I am also the treasurer of Hamline Events and Activities Team and a member of the Student Alumni Board. I have heard great things about McVay Youth Partnership and I am so excited to be part of it!

     Rachel Johnson

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    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    Hello! My name is Rachel Johnson and I am ecstatic to be serving as a Fellow at the Arlington site this year. I am really excited to work with Koran youth, as I am very interested in learning more about the connections between language and culture. I am currently a Spanish and Public Service major at Hamline. Outside of school, I enjoy singing, writing and attempting to play sports.
    I am so excited to be working with passionate and committed staff and students whom collectively create McVay Youth-VOICE!

    Dylan Nguyen

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    Wheelock Parkway United Methodist Church


    I will be a junior at Hamline University during the 2009-2010 school year, and I am majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology.  I am planning to go to pharmacy school after graduation and will be working as a pharmacy technician and at McVay during the school year. I will still be involved in the Hmong Student Association club at Hamline.

    I was born in Malaysia where I resided for seven years and had been living in Minnesota for the past 13 years. I have a 13 year old brother who goes to Roosevelt Middle School. I enjoy playing chess, soccer, basketball, football, or any kind of sport.


    Long Nguyen

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    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    Long Nguyen is an international student at Hamline University. Raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, Long got out of his comfort zone and came to the United States five years ago to learn to live independently.

    He is majoring in management, and he believes that working for McVay would improve his leadership skills and abilities to interact with people. Besides studying, he also loves sports and dancing. For him, sports and dancing are the best ways to get acquainted and know other people.

    Jess Pearson

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    Emma's Place


    My name is Jess Pearson, I am a senior at Hamline majoring in Sociology with a minor Religion. This will be my second year working with McVay Youth-VOICE as a Fellow for Emma’s Place, and I am looking forward to the upcoming year. During my time on campus I have been involved in various organizations including PRIDE Black Student Alliance, Commitment to Community, and Fusion.

    When I am not in class or in an org meeting I enjoy listening to and writing music, as well as playing and watching basketball. I am ready and excited to spend time with the youth at Emma’s. I very honored to work for McVay as this has been one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever experienced.

    Cat Polivoda

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    Hamline United Methodist Church


    Hi!  I’m Cat Polivoda.

    This is my favorite job in the entire world!  Not only do I get to work with a group of amazing young people, I have become really close friends with many of my fantastic co-workers! 

    I am involved in other activities at Hamline like being part of the NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity) Team, New Student Orientation, working at the Student Center Front Desk, and some other great activities. Right now I am looking forward to studying abroad in March and trying to plan what I will be doing when I graduate in December 2010.

    Other than that, my life consists of using any excuse possible to be in the sun, speaking German, drinking Simply Apple juice, abusing my unlimited texting plan, dreaming about traveling anywhere and everywhere, avoiding anything that is smoked or barbequed, singing in the shower, living car-free, laughing and talking too much, and attempting to be enthusiastically optimistic while remaining a voice of reason.


    Caleb Williamson

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    Liberty Plaza


    My name is Caleb Williamson, and I’m studying English, which sounds boring but it’s not! I was born in Missouri and have lived in Maine, Minnesota, and Florida.

    I love to dance and drink coffee. I enjoy more success with the former. This is my third year with McVay serving as a Fellow at Liberty Plaza.  I love the job because of the kids and wonderful co-workers.


    Amy Xiong

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    Wheelock Parkway United Methodist Church


    Hi, my name is Amy Xiong. I am originally from Saint Paul, but several years ago my family moved to Brooklyn Park. I attended Johnson High School in Saint Paul, and then transferred to Champlin Park High School in Champlin my junior year.

    Here at Hamline I intend to major in criminal justice and minor in biology. Also I plan on getting a certificate in forensic science. I try to be involved on campus.  I am the Vice President of the Hmong Student Association, an organization here at Hamline.

    I started working for McVay in the winter of 2007, and I’ve enjoyed it very much.  Working with the kids is the highlight of my week!



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