• The McVay Youth Partnership

    The McVay Youth Partnership (Youth-VOICE) offers a safe, fun place for middle and high school students. Students spend time with their friends creating art, music, drama and can receive help with their homework. Service projects and presentations by local leaders enable students to explore the community.

    The McVay Youth Partnership is staffed by experienced and energetic McVay Fellows and McVay Interns. All fellows and interns receive training and are supported by Hamline University staff.

    The program is free and open to all students in grades 5-12 who are willing to follow these basic rules:

    • Respect yourself
    • Respect others
    • Respect property

    The McVay Youth Partnership is a university-church partnership funded by a generous endowment from the McVay Family Foundation. It embodies the mission and vision of Hamline University and is officed through the Wesley Center.

    Make a Difference

    If you are interested in joining the McVay Youth Partnership, please fill a copy of our application and either email it to jkrentz01@hamline.edu or bring in a copy to the Wesley Center, located on the 3rd floor of the new Anderson Center, Room 318.

    Download the Application.  

    A Legacy of Leadership

    Every student who enrolls at Hamline has their own way of arriving at the university, and most of their journeys begin with a college search in high school. But for sisters Dayliar and Zin Zin Htoo, they made their way to Hamline a little differently. After an arduous journey to Minnesota from their homeland of Burma, the sisters eventually became involved in Hamline’s McVay Youth Partnership here in St. Paul. Through their involvement in the program and through its connection to Hamline University, the Htoo sisters became the first McVay Fellows to receive scholarships to attend Hamline. Read their remarkable story here.



    Meet Shamia Sandles and Jessa Williams. Shamia is a former McVay fellow who has been involved with training new members of the McVay Youth Partnership for the past five years. During her first year she was one of Jessa's mentors. Jessa completed six years of after school programming at McVay sites. This interview occurred when Jessa came to Hamline University as a first year student, serving as an intern for McVay. As of September 2014, Jessa is now a senior at Hamline. She hopes to leave the same lasting legacy of mentorship that Shamia had for her.  To hear the incredible story of these two women watch the video below and read this exciting article about their experience.

  • Wesley Center - Spirituality, Service, Social Justice
  • Wesley Center News

    This year, the staff of the Wesley Center for Spirituality, Service and Social Justice would like to honor Carlos Sneed with the annual Community Social Justice Award.

    The Hamline community is encouraged to donate unwanted items found during spring cleaning to the Hamline-Midway Rummage Sale hosted by the Catalyst Programs. Donation bins can be found in every residence hall and by the Anderson Center front desk from May 15 - 22.

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