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    Catalyst uses direct service to investigate questions of justice and community.  These trips are designed to provide you with an opportunity to participate in community service projects over spring break.

    View a list of 2016 Catalyst Spring Break Service and Social Justice Trips.


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  • 2016 Catalyst Spring Break Service and Social Justice Trips

    Hunger & homelessness 

    Sign up for a life-changing experience! We will engage with various organizations whose mission aids those experiencing homelessness while also investigating other intersecting topics such as mental health, racial disparities, income inequality, and many more. The goal for our trip to Washington D.C. is to step out of our comfort zones, while engaging in reflective dialogue. Through the National Coalition for the Homeless, we will participate in the 48 Hour Homeless Challenge, as well as serve with different organizations that work with various focuses within the homeless community.

    immigrant & refugee populations

    Make your mark this year! Join our group as we work with immigrant and refugee populations. By partnering with community organizations in Chicago, we'll investigate how poverty, human trafficking, political unrest, violence against women, and more affect these populations. This experience will leave students prepared to come back and engage with Minnesota’s own immigrant and refugee populations in meaningful ways!

    disaster relief

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to begin a project with strangers and leave with a sense of community? Join this group to find out! As we learn about the continuing impact Hurricane Katrina has on New Orleans more than ten years later, we'll come to understand how social statuses intersect with natural disasters. This experience enables you to work within communities, doing hands-on service projects and discussing issues of poverty, race, mental health, socioeconomic class and much more! We'll grow throughout the year, as we discover the meaning of service and how it is defined in different communities.

    food justice

    Join us in an exploration of food! Learn about the food injustices and the effect they have on poverty, communities of color, people living with illnesses, and society at large. We'll be taking part in urban gardening and other service in Milwaukee, a city that is consistently ranked as one of the most racially segregated cities in the nation, and a place where many communities face food insecurity. Investigate the importance of food, meet other Hamline students passionate about service and social justice, and learn how to be the change you wish to see in the world!

    queer communities 

    Are you interested in becoming part of a campus community that values social justice? Make a difference on this trip focusing on issues facing the queer community (LGBTQIAP+). We'll learn about the history of this community, and visit San Francisco to learn about the city's role in the gay rights movement. Throughout the experience, we'll explore topics like gender empowerment, poverty, gentrification, and racial justice as they relate to the queer community. Both LGBTQIAP+ identified folks and those striving to be allies are encouraged to apply. Discover more about your own identities while making memories that will change your life!

    Community development

    You can be the change! As a part of this group, you'll investigate community development, and how a city revitalizes itself after economic crisis. When we visit Detroit, we'll learn about race and gentrification in urban areas, as well as break down stereotypes about the city itself. A main focus of this experience will be how art is used for social change. Organizations that we may work with focus on employment access, urban farming, reducing crime, closing the achievement gap and more! Learn how service can be sustainable and driven by the impacted community. It'll be an adventure you won't forget!