• Project Call Calendar

    Calendar for FY15 Project Call Calendar

    October 21st  - Finance to send out Initial Memo to start Project Call Process for FY15.
    October 18th - Facilities and ITS send capital requests not funded or declined for FY14 back to originators.

    November 29th  - Due date for best consideration and submission of requests to Facilities and ITS.  ‘Other Capital’ requests submit to the Finance Department.

    December 2nd  – January 15th - Project Review Committees evaluate, prioritize and rate Project Call requests.  

    January 15th – Project Review Committees provide an update on Project Call and all other priorities to Budget Advisory Committee (BAC).  

    February 3rd – Mail materials for Facilities Committee including a high level review of FY15 Capital Budget key items.
    February 19th – Project Review Committees present final Project Call recommendations to BAC.

    April 28th - Mail FY15 Capital Budget Recommendation to Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees for approval.

    Mid May – ITS and Facilities communicate what Project Call requests were approved.

    Mid May – Finance communicates what ‘Other Capital’ requests were approved.

    If you have any questions as you work your way through this process, please feel free to call John Hixon for ITS, Lowell Bromander or Adam Zwart for Facilities, or Heather Nelsen for assistance.

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    Problem resolved. ITS will be upgrading the wireless authentication system on Thursday 27 Aug to resolve any remaining issue. The upgrade will start at 1:00pm and will take about 2 hours, during which you may need to re-authenticate (login again). Any outage will be minimal.

    Please save the date for the installation ceremony and reception of Hamline University's 20th president, Dr. Fayneese Miller on Friday, October 2, 2015. More information regarding the installation and other inauguration events will be forthcoming.