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    HSB Graduate Seminars

    Hamline School of Business offers a number of seminar courses abroad in various regions around the world, as well as domestically. See the Agreement and Release policies here.  Please contact the International & Off Campus Programs office for additional information.

    Hamline application process:

    1.  Search HSB Graduate Seminar Programs.
    2. Review study abroad requirements.
    3. Meet with a study abroad advisor if you have questions.
    4. Plan your study abroad budget and meet with the Financial Aid office, if applicable.
    5. Complete Hamline’s online study abroad application before the application deadline. Once you submit your application, you must also submit either a $100 application fee. This fee is separate from the estimated cost of the course. Cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order will be accepted (no credit cards). Checks should be made payable to Hamline University and payment must be submitted to the IOCP office by mail or in person. Once these items are submitted, you will be enrolled in the study abroad course. The $100 fee is refundable only if the program is canceled. 
    6. After the application deadline you will receive confirmation of acceptance by email from the International and Off-Campus Programs office.

    after acceptance:

    1. Apply for your passport and visa, if needed (for International Seminars only).
    2. Schedule a mandatory Travel Clinic visit and submit the Travel Medicine Visit Confirmation form (for International Seminars only).
    3. Students must also attend any mandatory pre-departure meetings with the course instructor.