• Student Organizations

    Besides being fun, joining a student organizations can help you make new friends, explore your interests and hobbies, learn skills, and help you feel like part of the campus community. Student groups are always welcoming in new members.  Even if you missed the first few meetings, they would love to have you get involved.

    Student Organization Resources

    Student Activities has a variety of resources for student organizations.  See how Hamline can support your org.

    Join a Student Organization

    Listed below are the currently active student organizations. For more information about specific student groups, contact SALD@hamline.edu

    If you can't find the group that's right for you, then follow this link to learn how to start your own student organization.

    • Anthropological Society
      Sponsors weekly lectures; students attend archaeological conferences and participate in Minnesota Archaeology Week.
    • Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)
       Educates and empowers its members and the Hamline community on Asian and Asian Pacific American cultures.
    • Broke Starving Writers Club
       Brings aspiring writers together to share their writing with others.
    • Chemistry Club
       Organizes experiences around chemistry related activities.
    • China Club
       Introduces Chinese history and culture through campus events.
    • College Democrats
       Engages students in the political process.
    • College Republicans
       Students discuss political issues, participate in lively debate, and volunteer.
    • Colleges Against Cancer
       Dedicates to promoting cancer education, advocacy and survivorship.
    • Commitment to Community (C2C)
       Dedicated to increasing student awareness and participation in community relations and service projects and to educating the Hamline community about diversity.
    • Dance Team
       Promotes school spirit by dancing at football and basketball games. The team also competes in various competitions throughout the season.
    • Delta Tau Sorority
       This local sorority is dedicated to creating friendships and committed to community service projects.
    • Forensic Sciences Society
       Promotes career exploration and activities around the area of forensic sciences.
    • Francophone Club
       Aims to educate and immerse students into the surrounding community of the Francophone world.
    • Fulcrum
       A yearly compilation of artwork, poetry and short stories. All students are invited to submit work and help with production.
    • FUSION
       Support network for multi-ethnic and multiracial students; educates the community on political, cultural, and racial issues.
    • Habitat for Humanity
       Promotes awareness of poverty and homelessness issues. Build houses in our community and across the country.
    • HALO- Hispanic and Latino Organization
       HALO supports Hispanic and Latin American students on campus while learning and teaching about Latin culture.
    • Hamline African Student Association (HASA)
       Students from Africa and other interested students work to promote African culture, values and identities to the community.
    • Hamline Book Club
       Brings the University community together based on their love of reading.
    • Hamline Film Society
       Aims to provide students with a passion for film with an opportunity to share opinions and insight on contemporary cinema.
    • Hamline indigenous peoples society (Hips)
       Native American students and interested students celebrate culture and encourage awareness of Native American issues.
    • Hamline Martial Arts Club
       Encourages self improvement in mental and physical health, athleticism and fitness through martial arts. 
    • Hamline Outdoor Recreation Club (HORC)
       Meets weekly to plan exciting and diverse activities such as rock climbing, winter camping, cross-country and downhill skiing, biking, hiking and roller blading.
    • Hamline Radio
       Dedicated to giving the student body a voice to express themselves through an in-house broadcast system on campus.
    • Hamline Recording Studio
       Provides opportunities for students to experience a professional recording studio.
    • Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC)
       The official “voice of students,” student congress assists student organizations, discusses issues facing students, and encourages productive debate.
    • Hamline University Baking Association (HUBA)
       Students interested in baking.
    • Hamline University Better Together
       A national student campaign for interfaith action.
    • Hamline University Biology Honor Society
       An organization of students interested in biological sciences.
    • Hamline University Black Men's Leadership Coalition
       Dedicated towards developing leadership skills
    • Hamline University Convo Hour Open Mic
       Hosts opportunities for artists within the community to perform. 
    • Hamline University Manda and Anime Club (HUMAC)
       Join us for weekly viewings of anime and to learn more about Japanese animation and culture.
    • Hamline University Model United Nations
       Promotes the study of international and intercultural affairs through the study of and participation in Model U.N.
    • Hamline University Peer Educators
       Working to improve the health of the Hamline community. 
    • Hamline University Poetry Slam
       An artistic organization hosting monthly poetry slams.
    • Hamline University Women’s Lacrosse
       Students interested in playing lacrosse at a competitive level against other colleges.
    • Hamline University Swing Dancers
       Brings students together to learn and enjoy all types of swing dance.
    • Hamline University Veterans Affairs Organization
       Dedicated to supporting Hamline Veterans
    • Hamline University Young Americans for Liberty
       Seeks to identify, educate and mobilize young people on the libertarian philosophy.
    • Hand in Hand
       Creates, encourages and supports positive relationships between the HU community and the broad community of Hancock/ Hamline Collaborative Magnet School.
    • Hmong Student Association (HSA)
       Supports its members and educates the campus by sharing the Hmong experience.
    • International Student Organization (ISO)
       Assists international students & introduces the Hamline community to other cultures.
    • Inter-Greek Council (IGC)
       Provides members of social greek organization a forum to discuss issues and strengthen the Hamline Greek community.
    • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVC)
       Devoted to furthering Christ’s purpose and teachings, the group meets weekly to worship and discuss current issues of faith.
    • Knitwits
       Members knit, inspire, and encourage each other; complete community projects.
    • Let's Talk business
       A student organization that provides resources for students interested in business and economics.
    • Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)
       Addresses environmental, social justice & consumer issues; plans Earth Day festival.
    • Mock Trial
       Competes in a team as attorneys and witnesses in regional and national tournaments.
    • Money Revolutions
       Strives to educate students on financial literacy. 
    • Multifaith Alliance
       A discussion based group that address issues through multiple religious or spiritual lenses.
    • Omicron Delta Kappa
       An academic leadership honor society.
    • Oracle
       Student newspaper covers campus and community news, arts and feature stories, sports, editorial and op/ed commentaries.
    • Pre-law and Justice Society
       Dedicated to providing students with an opportunity to learn about career options in the field of law. 
    • PRIDE - Black Student Alliance
       Supports students of color on campus, fostering harmony, dignity, understanding, and awareness of students’ needs.
    • Residence Hall Association (RHA)
       Unites the six residence halls and provides programming options for students.
    • R.i.s.e. YOGA
       A club for yoga enthusiast of all levels.
    • Rock Stars
       An organization for students interested in rock climbing.
    • Secular Student Alliance
       Provides a judgment free space for non-theists to participate in discussions and activities.
    • Society of Physics Students
       Provides an opportunity for physics majors and students interested in students to connect.
    • Spectrum
       Dedicated to creating an awareness for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues, Spectrum supports its members and educates the Hamline community.
    • Student Alumni Board
       Connects students with HU alumni for activities and events.
    • Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
       Student athletes organized to increase involvement on campus in both athletic and non-athletic activities.
    • Students for a Free Tibet
       Educates, empowers, and trains youth as leaders for social justice; advocates for the independence of Tibet from China.
    • Students Preventing Sexual Violence
       An activist group that aims to raise awareness about sexual violence.
    • Student Media Board
       The Student Media Board supports and oversees all student media organizations, including the Oracle and the Fulcrum.
    • Students of South Asia (SOSA)
       Educates the campus and empowers students with South Asian Heritage.
    • Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow
       This local chapter of a National organization coordinate philanthropic events throughout the year and the spring break Pay It Forward Tour.
    • Theta Chi
       Founded on the ideals of academics, community service, and the principle of the “helping hand,” Theta Chi fraternity sponsors physical, social, and formal activities for the Hamline community.
    • Women’s Resource Center (WRC)
       Provides educational resources and programs for the Hamline campus on women’s issues.