• Leadership Programs

    "A leader is not necessarily someone who holds some formal position of leadership or who is perceived as a leader by others. Rather, a leader is one who is able to affect positive change for the betterment of others, the community and society."

    The Office of Student Activities fosters personal growth and community development to promote learning, develop talents and prepare students to become thoughtful members of their communities.  Through programs that educate, challenge, build and strengthen leadership skills, students have an opportunity to learn more about themselves and develop their own style of leadership.  The HU-LEAD is comprised of programs that address students at all levels of leadership experience.  

    Find out more about the HU-LEAD programs HERE.

    In addition to the leadership development programs offered by the Student Activities Office, students can build and practice leadership skills through involvement in student organizations, on-campus/work-study employment and by participating in recreational activities. Students can also participate in service-learning experiences which often provide opportunities to practice leadership skills.  

    New Opportunity - Commuter Student Mentor

    Commuter Students are a major part of the Hamline student community. We are happy to announce a new student position focusing on the needs and providing services for commuter students. Check out the full POSITION DESCRIPTION and if you are interested in applying, click HERE