• Proposal Prep and Submission

    Assembling the team

    It is hard work to put together a successful grant proposal.  Identifying a team ready, willing, and able to help you present you proposal in the best light is essential. While the exact make-up of the team is dependent on the requirements for each proposal so no two teams will look exactly alike.  The team should include at a minimum the Principal Investigator and Grants Office representative.

    Other people to consider putting on the team include:
    •    grants financial representative
    •    additional faculty or staff with expertise needed
    •    outside experts who will be participating in the proposal, if awarded
    •    contract grant writer

    It is the responsibility of this team to produce the highest quality proposal while complying with all proposal and Hamline University guidelines and requirements.

    PI Getting Started Checklist
    Proposal Concept - Funding Interest Form   

    Project timeline

    Based on the guidelines of the program, submission deadlines and additional resources needed the Sponsored Programs Office will initiate a project timeline and finalize with PI.  
    General guidelines to follow would include:

    • The intent to finish all submissions two days prior to deadline

    • Content research and development (PI)

    • Grant narrative (PI, possible grant writer)

    • Budget formation (PI and SPO) all budget proposals required a spreadsheet outlining all years of the project along with narrative explaining costs.  This should be produced in the format requested by the grantor with an additional copy identifying the corresponding HU account codes.

    • Proposal compliance review (SPO)

    • Grammatical and style editing

    • Two week for internal review and approval

    Writing a Proposal

    Read more about Writing a Proposal here and how the Sponsored Programs Office can help. 

    Download our Tips for a Successful Proposal guide. 

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