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    The Hamline University Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy statement that applies to all schools and administrative units of the University:

    Fund-raising: While the University encourages employee fund-raising on its behalf, proper coordination and approval is necessary to avoid conflicts and confusion. Therefore, all fund-raising activities conducted on behalf of or in the name of the University by any employee shall be subject to the coordination of the vice president for University Relations. Grants or gifts may not be accepted on behalf of the University unless approved by the vice president for University Relations.

    Employees may not solicit funds on behalf of any organization, other than an approved University organization, on University property unless prior approval is received from the office of the vice president of University Relations. Employees may not sell, or solicit the sale of, products on University property or on work time other than University-approved products the sale of which is part of the employee's job duties or responsibilities. It is unlawful for anyone to appropriate to his/her own use or the use of another the University name, logo, seal, emblem, or any other trademarks or service marks of the University without the written permission of the vice president for University Relations.

    As a practical matter, Grants Office consults with and receives approval from the vice president for University Relations on all matters pertaining to the requesting and/or receiving of grant funds by the University. Grants Office approval for grant proposal submission and/or acceptance of grant funds is to be operatively considered as approval from the vice president for University Relations.