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    The Foundation Center’s Guide to Winning Proposals II
    Margolin, Judith B.
    ISBN 1595420541

    This volume features proposals for diverse funding needs-from general operating support, to special projects, to seed money or new equipment. Each of the proposals is reproduced in full, complete with a valuable critique of the proposals’ strengths and weaknesses by the decision-maker who awarded the grant.

    Regulation and Compliance: A Compendium of Regulations and Certifications Applicable to Sponsored Programs (2007 Edition)
    National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)
    ISBN 1933801123

    Useful information for determining institutional and individual compliance.

    Proposal Planning & Writing
    Miner, Jeremy T. and Miner, Lynn E.
    ISBN 9780313356742

    This book discusses funding from government, foundation, and corporate sponsors. It continues to offer practical advice and examples for funding source identification, development of proposal ideas and procedural components, budget forecasting, submission procedures, and follow-up techniques.

    Administering Grants, Contracts, and Funds: Evaluating and Improving Your Grants System
    Bauer, David G.
    ISBN 0029019516

    A clear analysis of what the Sponsored Programs Office should be doing in contacting and monitoring funding sources; organizing and improving proposals; dealing with questions of research ethics’ following up with funders; administering private and federal funds; and much more.

    The Complete Writing Guide to NIH Behavioral Science Grants
    Scheier, Lawrence M. and Dewey, William L.
    ISBN 9780195320275

    Contains the latest in technical information on NIH grants, including the new electronic submission process. Some of the most successful grant writers in history have contributed to this volume, offering key strategies as well as tips and suggestions in areas that are normally hard to find in grant writing guides, such as budgeting, human subjects, and power analysis. A “who’s who” among grant reviewers, this book provides inside information as to why some grants are scored well while others flounder during review.

    The Changing World of Foundation Fundraising: New Challenges and Opportunities, Glass, Sandra A.
    ISBN 0787948616

    Authors discuss fundraising as a multidimensional activity rooted in culture and society, which builds human community and provides individual fulfillment. Each quarterly monograph proposes how specific practices in fundraising management can be enhanced to advance organizations and institutions that serve the public good.

    Guidelines for Preparing Proposals
    Meador, Roy
    ISBN 0873710045

    A manual on how to organize winning proposals for grants, venture capital, R&D projects, and other proposals.

    Partnerships of Emerging Research Institutions
    National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council
    ISBN 0309130832

    A report of a workshop discussing the importance of research at undergraduate institutions and methods for funding research.


    Writing and Negotiating Subawards under Federal Prime Awards
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Erickson, Stephen

    A practical guide to improving subaward practices and procedures. Discusses the decision as to when a subaward needs to be written and under what conditions, Subaward sections, their purposes, and content will be described. Also discusses techniques that are designed to facilitate subaward negotiations.

    Facilities and Administrative Costs in Higher Education
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Case, F. John

    Focuses on F&A costs. Critical to understanding this subject is the fact that federal cost principals applicable to universities prescribe the methodologies in allocating F&A costs.  Micrograph also reviews several important issues relating to this topic on campuses.  Examples include charging subcontracts for F&A costs, distributing F&A reimbursements to university departments, and reasons for differences in rates among institutions.

    Establishing and Managing an Office of Sponsored Programs at Non-Research Intensive Colleges and Universities
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Hansen, Stephen and Ofosu, Mildred

    Outlines the basic functions of an office of sponsored programs and presents various strategies predominantly undergraduate colleges and universities utilize in organizing and managing sponsored programs. Serves as a guide to understanding the purposes and responsibilities of offices of sponsored programs.

    Basics of the Cost Accounting Standards
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Mora, Elizabeth

    Provides a basic overview of the CAS and the DS-2 as well as a brief description of Harvard University’s experience with these new standards thus far.

    The Role of Research Administration
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Erickson, Stephen

    Provides a broad overview of the many functions and varied roles performed by research administrators within the complex environments of academic institutions and sponsoring agencies.  Review historical context of contemporary research administration and the growing and diverse set of responsibilities carried out to promote and support research in various institutional settings.

    Cost Sharing: An Overview
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Bible, Sara and Fraser, Tracey

    Provides a basic overview of the regulatory requirements and guidelines on cost sharing as well as a review of the challenging practical issues that can arise with awards where cost sharing is offered.

    A Primer on Intellectual Property
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Hammersla, Ann M.

    Fundamentals of patents, copyrights, trademark and trade secret law under United States laws will be discussed in this micrograph as well as specific information relating to patents and transfer of materials and research tools developed with federal funding and application of these fundamentals to university research programs and agreements.

    Effort Reporting: An Overview
    NCURA Micrograph Series
    Anthony, Michael D. and Gindhart, Joseph M.

    Provides a brief history and basic understanding of the Federal requirements for effort reporting, the complexities that exist in attempting to meet those requirements, the implications and potential repercussions if the requirements are not met, and options the Federal government has provided universities to comply.


    A Guide to Effective Strategies and Recommended Practices (CD-ROM)

    Quamut: Grant Writing (Reference Card)
    ISBN 9781411423602

    Covers fundamentals of grant writing, includes key terms and step by step explanations.

    Office of Management and Budget: Circular A-21

    Cost principals for Educational Institutions.

    Office of Management and Budget: Circular A-110

    Grants and agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations.

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