• Funding Searches

    Types of Funding

    Private Foundations
    Non-profit entities established by individuals or families in order to benefit non-profit organizations in a manner in keeping with the interests of the individual or family.
    Corporate Foundations
    Non-profit entities established by corporations to benefit non-profit organizations in a manner in keeping with the interests and purposes of the corporation.
    May make direct grants, without a separate corporate foundation, often through their community affairs office.
    Community Foundations
    Non-profit entities established to benefit particular communities or regions.  
    Operating Foundations  
    Non-profit entities established to advance particular projects in which the foundation takes an active operational role. They do not often accept grant requests from other organizations.  
    Government State or Federal Grant Agencies
    e.g. National Science Foundation, Minnesota Humanities Commission, National Endowment for the Humanities, etc.  
    Individuals Alumni and friends of the University may, on occasion, be approached to provide grant support.  This should be done in collaboration with the Development and Alumni Relations offices.

    Sources of Funding 

    Pivot provides search capability for field experts and an opportunity to provide a profile for Hamline faculty and staff to outline their expertise.

    Grants.gov is the federal governments’ single site for grants with more than 1,000 opportunities from all 26 federal grant-making agencies. Grants.gov is a free funding database that does not require creation of a login to conduct general searches. You may search by keyword(s), subject matter category or funding agency. You can also conduct more advanced searches using multiple filter criteria.

    Grants.gov also offers other services such as: the ability to download application packages, funding email alerts, RSS feeds, and online support in conducting searches and utilizing grant application tools. If you decide to actually apply for funds in grants.gov, you must become a registered user.

    State of Minnesota
    Other states have similar sites which may be searched for projects taking place in another location.

    Minnesota Council of Foundations

    National and Community Service

    For questions or assistance, contact Jeannine Kessler at jkessler02@hamline.edu or 523-2827