• Funding Opportunities

    Successfully seeking outside funding for your research or project re- quires the ability to connect with potential funder to help them under- stand how funding your proposed work will help them achieve their goals.

    Sponsors typically provide funding to achieve very specific objectives such as:

    • To solve a social problem
    • To discover new knowledge through research studies
    • To translate knowledge to improve practice
    • To provide services to benefit a population in need.

     Projects looks at strongly for funding contain many of these components:

    • Have not been done before
    • Propose an approach that builds on lesions learned, established in literature
    • Incorporate a strong operational plan connecting goals, objectives, timelines, and staff accountability
    • Demonstrate the applicant team has capacity to execute the plan
    • Share knowledge and know-how with a broader community
    • Address how the research or program will be sustained beyond sponsors funding.

    Sources of Funding 

    Pivot provides search capability for field experts and an opportunity to provide a profile for Hamline faculty and staff to outline their expertise.

    Grants.gov is the federal governments’ single site for grants with more than 1,000 opportunities from all 26 federal grant-making agencies. Grants.gov is a free funding database that does not require creation of a login to conduct general searches. You may search by keyword(s), subject matter category or funding agency. You can also conduct more advanced searches using multiple filter criteria.

    Grants.gov also offers other services such as: the ability to download application packages, funding email alerts, RSS feeds, and online support in conducting searches and utilizing grant application tools. If you decide to actually apply for funds in grants.gov, you must become a registered user.

    State of Minnesota
    Other states have similar sites which may be searched for projects taking place in another location.

    Minnesota Council of Foundations

    National and Community Service

    For questions or assistance, contact Jeannine Kessler at jkessler02@hamline.edu or 651-523-2827