• Award Management

    Reporting and Compliance

    Nearly every funding agency, whether public or private, requires reports on the progress that has been made on the work of the awarded project. The Principal Investigator is responsible for drafting all reports in a timely manner so the Sponsored Programs Office can review the reports and submit them to the funding agency within their reporting timeframe. As each project and grantor may have different requirements, it is important for the PI and SPO to review the requirements and timeline at the time of award. All progress and final reports to grantors must be reviewed by the faculty or staff member's respective academic dean or administrative officer and by Sponsored Programs Office prior to submission to grantor. Copies of all submitted progress, final and financial reports must also be filed with Sponsored Programs Office. 
    Award Checklist 
    Effort Reporting

    The Narrative Report

    The Narrative Report generally explains the work accomplished during the previous period or over the course of the entire grant. Each funder has its own requirements regarding the format for the Narrative Report. If there is no funder-specific format, the MN Common Report Form will provide some general questions to prompt the flow of your narrative report. This report should be in narrative format rather than question and answer format.

    MN Common Report Form

    The Financial Report

    The Sponsored Programs Office will work with the Finance Office to generate official Financial Reports to submit to the funding agency. Before these are submitted, the Principal Investigator should review the reports against his/her own records and check for any discrepancies. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure funds are spent in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance to the approved budget. Most Grantors require written approval to deviate from the awarded budget. Any proposed changes in should be communicated with the Sponsored Programs Office. The SPO can help navigate the internal and external requirement approval process.

    All project financial reporting should be reconciled between the PI and the Finance Office on a quarterly basis.

    Budget Template