• Student Scheduling

    Who can request space?

    Hamline University registered or chartered student organizations are able to reserve campus facilities. Visit the Student Activities page for more information about becoming a registered organization.

    Students wishing to reserve classroom space for studying or group project work, must have their instructor make a reservation under their department.

    Request space

    Student event requests are sent to Student Activities for approval before the event is scheduled.

    Timeline for requesting event space

    Please remember that scheduling space should be one of the first tasks completed when planning a meeting or event. For a regular meeting or small event without setup, plan for two business days. For larger events, two weeks notice is required. For more complex events, such as those that involve bands, rented games, port-a-potties, or special permits; at least two months notice is recommended. The farther ahead you plan, the more likely you are to get the space that you want and the resources you need.

    Wait to Advertise your event

    An event should not be advertised until an event confirmation has been received and reviewed. The requested space may not be available, and other events will not be "bumped" out of a room.

    Read the event confirmation

    It is critical to review the event confirmation for errors in date, time, space, setup, etc. If you find a mistake contact CSM (space@hamline.edu or 651-523-2474) immediately. It is also important that the event requestor understand any specific expectations that are included on the confirmation.

    Weekly meetings

    Student Organizations can reserve space for weekly meetings but space is limited. Due to the many organizations and departments that need space, the amount of facilities, and the full schedule of night courses; student organizations are allotted one on-going series reservation. These spaces are scheduled one semester at a time and groups may have to be flexible about meeting dates, times, and/or spaces. To eliminate double-booking, only one person per organization can request space.

    If you have any questions or need assistance contact Classroom and Space Management (space@hamline.edu or 651-523-2474).

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