• Student Organization Scheduling

    Hamline University registered or chartered student organizations are able to reserve campus facilities. Visit the Student Activities page for information on becoming a registered organization.

    Students wishing to reserve classroom space for studying or group project work must have their instructor make a reservation under their department.

    Planning Your Event or Meeting

    View the step-by-step process required to get your event or meeting location reserved and ready to go.

    1. Identify as many details as possible regarding the event or meeting you are looking to plan. Which date(s) are you looking to hold it? Are you looking for a specific location? How many people do you anticipate attending? Think critically about how your event or meeting fits in with your organization and Hamline University.
    2. Grab a copy of the Student Organization Planning Document in the Student Activities Involvement Center in Anderson Center Room 319.
    3. Once the document is filled out with all details pertaining to your event or meeting, set up a time to meet with a professional staff member in the Student Activities Involvement Center to review your event or meeting details. You will need their signature.
    4. Once you have the signature of the professional staff member noted above, an office worker in the Student Involvement Center will place a tentative hold in 25Live for your event or meeting for the location, date, and time you have requested. The office worker will set up an appointment for you to meet with a professional staff member in the Conference and Event Management Office (CEM).
    5. You will meet with the professional staff member in CEM to review the Student Organization Planning Document that you have since filled out. The CEM Staff member will talk with you about your event or meeting and review an array of logistics to consider.
    6. Once this meeting has concluded, the CEM professional staff member will also sign the Student Organization Planning document and confirm your event in 25Live.
    7. It's time for your event! We understand changes always happen, so please be sure to communicate with our office if the event or meeting is canceled or rescheduled.


    The Conference and Event Management Office, in conjunction with the Student Activities Involvement Center, we’ve outlined specific guidelines that need to be followed to ensure you have a successful experience in planning and executing your event or meeting.

    1. One student organization member should be assigned per event or meeting to manage all components of that event or meeting from start to finish. This person may be different for each event.
    2. All reservations must be completed and confirmed one week prior to the event or meeting date.
    3. Hamline Catering must be used when holding your event or meeting in the Anderson Center if there will be 25 or more attendees. If you are using another location on campus for your event or meeting or your group is under 25 attendees, you can use an approved off campus food vendor.