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    Academic Scheduling at Hamline University is a function of Registration and Records. Our office works closely with academic departments and programs to build and maintain class listings for all undergraduate and graduate programs, and we maintain uniform scheduling policies, guidelines, and procedures across all schools to ensure that the schedules are accurate and equitable.

    Schedule an Active Learning Classroom

    Hamline now has three active learning classroom spaces in West Hall (the former law school building), 240A, 4, and 6. WEST 240A is our first high-tech active learning classroom. The goal of this space is to encourage interactive, engaging student-centered learning. Classrooms with similar arrangements and technology are often referred to as Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) or Student-Centered Active Learning Environment (SCALE-UP) classrooms. For further information about the technology in this classroom, please see the Instructor's Guide and the User's Guide.

    To facilitate thoughtful use of these specialized learning spaces, they are scheduled outside of the regular classroom scheduling process. Faculty can request to use the classroom in one of two ways: 

    1. Schedule a course in an ALC space for an entire term - You may schedule every class meeting or a subset of class meetings (for example, every Thursday for a Tuesday/Thursday class) for the duration of a term. To schedule this way, please complete the ALC Request Form. Completion of this request form does not guarantee use of the ALC space. We will do our best to accommodate requests!
    2. Schedule a single class session in 240A - Single-use requests may be made via 25Live. These requests need to be made at least one week in advance of the date you would like to use the room. Requests to use the room for teaching/learning activities will take priority over requests to use the space for non-class related meetings. A submitted request does not guarantee use of the room.

    Please note that, during Fall semester, WEST 240A is utilized by the FYSem courses for individual meetings and will not be available to other courses that meet MWF 10:20-11:20 and TR 12:50-2:20. Courses that meet during those times may still be able to schedule a single class session in the room (via 25Live), but priority will be given to the FYSem classes.

    Request a Classroom Change

    To request a change to the room in which your class has been scheduled, please use this form.

    Request Individual Course Changes

    These forms are to be used exclusively by the designated scheduling authorities in each school. Please allow processing time once your requests have been submitted, and be mindful that requests will be attended to according to the Academic and Scheduling Calendars. A copy of your request will be automatically forwarded to you after submission.

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