• Student Dispatchers

    At any given time, Hamline University Safety and Security employs a number of students as both Student Communications Workers and Student Dispatchers. 

    Communications Workers and Dispatchers have very similar duties, but the major difference between the two jobs is the certification that the Dispatchers have obtained through the APCO Institute training program (training will be provided to student workers at the department's discretion).

    Both Student Communications Workers and Student Dispatchers are heavily relied upon for the day to day operation of Safety and Security and will be called upon to work shifts overnight, on weekends, and over holidays/breaks. 

    General duties include answering emergency and non-emergency phone calls, operating the radio system to communicate with the security officers on campus, printing student IDs and various other administrative duties as needed.

    Student workers will also interface with Safety and Security's Staff Dispatchers, as well as the officers and the administrative staff of both the department and the rest of the university.

    If you are interested in applying, click here and follow the directions in the application.