• Hamline University Building Evacuation Procedures 

    The purpose of the procedure is to provide guidance on the orderly evacuation of a university building during a drill or emergency. This procedure applies to academic and administrative university buildings.   

    Faculty and Staff shall take these measures before a drill or emergency: 

    • Review the evacuation plans below. 
    • Review the evacuation plan of any mobility impaired person. Disability Services can assist in developing a plan. 
    • Identify the quickest emergency escape route; this will be the primary escape route. 
    • Identify an alternate route in case the primary route is inaccessible. 
    • Identify the designated “assembly area(s)” where the class or work group can meet and ensure that everyone is accounted for. 
    • Review this information with each class and work group. 

    When the fire alarm sounds: 

    • Organize the people in your room / area. 
    • Count the number of people present. 
    • Advise the group to immediately proceed to the designated assembly area for your building. 
    • Assist mobility impaired persons in accordance with their individual evacuation plan. 
    • Carry a roster of persons present, if possible. 
    • Evacuate using the nearest safe route. 
    • With evacuation underway, quickly check the area to make certain that no one is left behind. 
    • If anyone is unable to evacuate, it is critical that their location and 
    • condition be reported to responding emergency personnel or safety and security services as soon as possible. 
    • If the closest evacuation route should become blocked, carefully reroute evacuees to another available exit. 
    • Do not use elevators unless specifically instructed to do so. 
    • When you reach the designated assembly area, get a complete head count of your group. 
    • If you discover any persons missing, who may still be in the building, immediately notify the nearest security officer or emergency personnel. 
    • Do not re-enter the building. 
    • Report your building and room number and the number of missing persons to emergency response personnel. 
    • Keep everyone together and remain in the assembly area unless instructed to leave or assemble elsewhere. 
    • Re-entry into the building is not permitted unless authorized by security or emergency response personnel.