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    Answers to commonly asked questions about preparing for graduation, as well as resources to put you on the path to commencement.


    Major/Minor Declaration and Change of Advisor

    Intent to Graduate



    What is the Process for Applying to Graduate?
    Students must file an Intent to Graduate form with Registration & Records.  This form asks you which bulletin year your degree requirements will be following, so be sure to discuss this with your advisor.  For most students, the bulletin year will be the year that you matriculated into Hamline University.  The form will also ask from which school your diploma should be issued.  This means either the College of Liberal Arts, the Hamline School of Business, or the Hamline School of Education -- not Hamline University itself.

    If you have a major that requires you to specify your program requirements, such as Women's Studies or Exercise and Sports Science, you will also need to complete the Program Requirements Sheet, as well as any course substitutions that may apply.

    You will need to list all majors, minors, and certificates with which you plan to graduate.  If you are using your Intent to Graduate to declare these majors, minors, or certificates for the first time, you will need to obtain the signature of the department chair.  The Intent to Graduate form requires the signature of your advisor in all cases.

    When Should I Apply to Graduate?
    Students must submit Intent to Graduate paperwork by the end of their junior year. To be eligible for graduation, your Intent to Graduate paperwork must be received NO LATER than the first of the month in which you plan to complete your degree requirements -- so for example, if you plan to graduate in Spring of a given year, your paperwork must be turned in no later than May 1st of that year. 

    How Do I Run My Own Degree Evaluation on Piperline? 
    Please refer to these instructions, which explain how to view previous evaluations, generate new evaluations, or run a what-if analysis for students who are curious about how their evaluation would look if they changed minors, added a certificate, or were pursuing a different major.

    When Do I Learn If I am Graduating?
    Registration & Records has a Degree Audit Administrator, who processes all Intents to Graduate and evaluates students for their readiness to graduate.  Intents are processed in the order in which they are received, and are processed by priority according to upcoming graduation terms.  When your degree audit is processed, you will be contacted by our office to notify you of any outstanding requirements, if any, and what needs to be completed before you can graduate.  Again at the start of the term in which you are graduating, Registration & Records will re-evaluate the records for all graduating students and will notify you of any outstanding requirements.  If you are graduating in the Spring term, you will also receive confirmation at the Grad Fair. 

    What Is the Difference Between Graduation and Commencement?
    Commencement is the public ceremony where Hamline University celebrates and congratulates its graduates.  Graduation is what happens when you have completed all the requirements for your degree and will be awarded a diploma.  The semester in which you graduate may not have a formal ceremony, and so in some circumstances you may be invited to participate in the spring commencement ceremony.  In this case, spring will not be the semester in which you graduate, but rather the semester in which you commence.  Your graduation term would still be fall, winter, or summer, even though you "walked" in spring.

    When Will I Receive My Diploma? 
    When you receive your diploma depends on the term in which you graduated.

    Fall and Winter Graduates: Diplomas are ordered in mid-February, after all student records have been proofed and cleared for graduation.  Paradigm, who produces the diplomas, usually has a roughly 6 week turnaround.  

    Spring Graduates: Diplomas are ordered in early June, after all student records have been proofed and cleared for graduation.  Paradigm, who produces the diplomas, usually has a roughly 6 week turnaround.  

    Summer Graduates: Diplomas are ordered in mid-September, after all student records have been proofed and cleared for graduation. Paradigm, who produces the diplomas, usually has a roughly 6 week turnaround.  

    It is important that all graduates keep their permanent and mailing addresses current in Piperline to ensure the diplomas are sent to the correct place.

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    Dr. Reid Zimmerman, lecturer for Hamline School of Business, presented at the Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference earlier this month.

    Friday, April 3 is a scheduled university holiday so all accounts payable items need to be submitted to accounting by 10 a.m. on Friday, March 27 to make the Thursday, April 2 check run.

    The Hamline community is invited to a farewell reception to honor Heather Knudsen, manager of financial analysis, on Friday, March 27 from 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. in Anderson Room 304.