• Student Resources

    Hamline Plan - changes to the Hamline Plan, new letters to look for on the class schedule and transcript

    Registering for classes - how to register, registration calendars and deadlines, paperwork for special categories of registration 

    Class Schedules in Piperline - real-time listings of courses and current enrollment with options to sort by course level, term, subject, and Hamline Plan 

    Final Exam Schedules - determine when your final exams will be held

    Academic Calendars - dates for open registration, adding/dropping classes, start and end of each term, commencement 

    Transferring course work to Hamline - how to add non-Hamline course work to your Hamline transcript for both new, incoming students and current students 

    Undergraduate Program Requirements - worksheets listing requirements for all undergraduate majors, minors and certificates; use these to track your progress or obtain advisor approval for substitutions 

    Preparing for graduation - FAQ information for undergraduate students regarding applying to graduate 

    Bulletins - find academic policies and procedures, program requirements, and course descriptions 

    Requesting your transcript - how to request an official transcript using Piperline, or using the paper form for records prior to 1986 

    GPA Calculator - use this tool to determine your GPA for a subset of courses or what your GPA may be based on predicted grades