• Special Registrations for Undergraduate Students

    The following types of registration require special forms and approvals; registration through Piperline is not available.

    • ACTC Cross-Registration
      Hamline degree-seeking undergraduate students may register for courses at the other ACTC (Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities) schools - Augsburg, Macalester, St. Catherine, and St. Thomas. For information regarding eligibility and how to register, see the ACTC Information page.
    • Apprentice Teaching
      Apprentice teachers assist faculty with their teaching responsibilities. Students may earn up to four credits through apprentice teaching and are graded on the Pass/No Pass system. Fill out the Apprentice Teaching Contract to register.
    • Audits
      Students may audit classes only when there is space available in the class and the instructor gives permission. There is a $100 fee to audit undergraduate classes; the fee is waived for full-time undergraduate students and Amity Scholars. Additional information regarding auditing classes is available on the Audit Registration Form.
    • Collaborative Research
      Collaborative research projects offer students the chance to pursue independent study in greater depth with a faculty member, often in conjunction with the professor’s own research. Specific details regarding collaborative research are included on the Collaborative Research Registration Form.
    • Departmental Honors Projects
      An honors project is intended to be a capstone project for students of high ability. Students who wish to pursue departmental honors should consult with their department chair prior to submitting a proposal form. The proposal form must be submitted by May 1 of the students' junior year. Guidelines for submitting honors project proposals are included on the Departmental Honors Proposal Form. Additional information is available from the Dean's offices in the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Business.
    • Graduate Courses
      Under special circumstances, undergraduate students may be approved to register for graduate courses. In such cases, students should complete the Cross-School/Cross-Program Registration Form. Information regarding required approvals and signatures is on the form.
    • Independent Studies
      An Independent Study project is designed by the student to pursue an area of study not covered by the established undergraduate curriculum, as listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin course descriptions. They are usually registered in a designated academic department but can be taken for interdisciplinary credit (INTD) if listed as such on the Independent Study Registration Form. Please refer to the section on Independent Study in the Undergraduate Bulletin for further information.
    • Individual Studies
      If an established undergraduate class is not offered during the term the student needs to take it, students may take the class on an individual study basis with instructor permission. Instructors work individually with students to complete the coursework. To register, complete the Individual Study Registration Form. Please refer to the section on Individual Study in the Undergraduate Bulletin for further information.
    • Internships
      Registration for an internship is due by the last day to add classes for that term. In order to receive credit, a LEAP Learning Agreement must be completed and filed with the Career Development Center by the LLA due date. Learning agreements and assistance with the internship process are available at the Career Development Center. Students may register for a 4-credit or 0-credit internship; 0-credit internships registered in summer term incur a $525 administrative fee. No more than 12 internship credits can be applied toward a degree. All internship credits are considered to be interdisciplinary credits (INTD) unless approved for major credit by a department chair on the LEAP Learning Agreement. Students registering for an individual internship that is not part of a seminar or practicum course must register using an add/drop card with an approval signature from the Career Development Center.
  • News

    The Hamline University Department of Political Science will hold a panel discussion on the domestic and international impact of the 2016 elections on Wednesday, November 16 from 4-5:30 p.m. in East Hall 106. The speakers are professors Alina Oxendine, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Joe Peschek, and Zhenqing Zhang. The event is free and open to the public.

    The Staff Diversity Development Initiative (SDDI) is pleased to invite the community to two upcoming Staff Diversity Reading Circles, both about the book A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota. The first is on Tuesday, November 1 and the second on Tuesday, December 6.

    School of Education faculty member Rachel Endo presented with colleagues at the Twin Cities Social Justice Fair on October 21, 2016. The group presented a session titled, The Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers in Minnesota: Disrupting Business as Usual.