• Registration Instructions for Undergraduate Students

    Follow these steps to register for classes

    1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor
      Arrange to meet with your academic advisor(s) at least one week prior to your first possible registration date.

      Your advisor will give you an alternate registration PIN. Without it, you cannot register! If you have more than one advisor, all of them will have your PIN. If you misplace your alternate PIN, you must go back to your advisor to get it. (No alternate registration PIN is required for summer registration.)

    2. Verify your registration date, check for holds
      Determine the first day you will be able to register. Check your registration status for any holds that will prevent you from registering (administrative, account, immunization, academic probation, etc). NEW Fall 2016: Registration holds go into effect on the first day of the term. If you have an unpaid bill of $1,000 or more for the upcoming semester at that point, you will not be able to add or drop classes.

      In Piperline click on: Student Services, Registration, Check Your Registration Status. It is important to do this in advance of your registration date so that you have time to clear any holds.

    3. Run a degree evaluation
      You can generate a degree evaluation in Piperline to see how the classes you have taken so far fit into Hamline Plan as well as your major(s) and minor(s). This will help you plan your registration.

      In Piperline click on: Student Services, Student Records, Degree Evaluation. You need to click the link for Generate New Evaluation in order to get an updated evaluation (see Degree Evaluation Instructions).

    4. Plan your schedule
      Use the Registration Worksheet to record your ideal class schedule. Be sure to select plenty of alternate classes.
      Fall Registration Worksheet
      Winter/Spring Registration Worksheet

      Check the Undergraduate Program Requirements page for the courses required for your major(s), minor(s), or certificate(s). Check the Piperline Class Schedule course descriptions and verify that you have met the prerequisites.

    5. Maximum credit load
      During the open registration period, you may register for a maximum 19 credits for fall or spring term. If you choose to have a 20-credit load during fall or spring term, you will need to wait for the add/drop period at the beginning of the term. Once the term begins, you may register for the course that will bring you up to 20 credits.

      If you wish to be considered a full-time student for fall or spring term, you must register during open registration for at least 12 credits.

    6. Special registration forms
      Download Special Registration forms or pick them up from the Student Administrative Services office. Examples of Special Registrations: ACTC cross-registration, apprentice teaching, collaborative research, departmental honors projects, independent study, and individual study. You cannot register for these courses in Piperline.

      LEAP Learning Agreements are available through the Career Development Center.

    7. Register

      Registration opens at 7am on your first day to register and remains open in Piperline until the first day of the term. Once classes begin, you can no longer register via Piperline. You may drop classes via Piperline through the add/drop period. The registration schedule proceeds as follows:

      Seniors (96+ credits) First day of open registration 
      Juniors (64-95.99 credits) Second day of open registration
      Sophomores (32-63.99 credits) Third day of open registration
      First Years (under 32 credits) Fourth day of open registration
      Note: To meet the Hamline four-year assurance of graduation partnership, you must register for classes at these times.
      1. Login to Piperline using your Hamline ID and Piperline PIN.

      2. Select Registration from the Student Services menu.

      3. Select the appropriate term.

      4. Register for your classes. (Register/Add/Drop Classes or Look-up Classes to Add); for courses with both a lecture and a lab section be sure to enter BOTH CRNs before clicking Submit.

      5. Click Submit Registration to save your choice of courses.

      6. If you have successfully registered, ***Web Registered*** and the date will appear for each course.

      7. When you are done, go to the Student Detail Schedule to verify your final schedule. If a class is missing, your attempt to register did not work!

      Note: If you have not registered for ANY courses by the start of the term, you must contact Academic Advising (Bush Library, lower level, 651-523-2912).
    8. Find Textbook Information
      To view textbook information after you have registered, click the link to Get Your Books or visit the Hamline Bookstore website at www.hamlineuniversitybookstore.com

    9. Closed classes
      A class "closes" when the maximum number of students has enrolled in the class. If the class you want to take is closed, you have the following options:

      1. Until Piperline registration closes, watch the class enrollment on Piperline to see if the class re-opens. If an enrolled student changes his/her mind and drops the class, a space will become available. Alternatively, you may be able to add the class by seeking the instructor's approval.

      2. Select another section of the same class that is still open.

      3. Select another class. Try to select a class that fulfills the same requirement(s) as the class you initially planned to take.

      4. Contact the instructor to see if he/she will allow you to add the class. If the instructor agrees to let you into the class, print an Add/Drop Card or pick one up in the Student Administrative Services office. Have the instructor sign it, and immediately bring the approved Add/Drop Card to Student Administrative Services to have the class added.

  • News

    Wide-format printing is now available at PiperXpress. This is a convenient and economical way for faculty, staff, and students to create large scale posters, such as those used for presenting student and faculty research. Information on sizes and pricing can be found at the PiperXpress website, or by contacting PiperXpress.

    The Hamline University Department of Political Science will hold a panel discussion on the domestic and international impact of the 2016 elections on Wednesday, November 16 from 4-5:30 p.m. in East Hall 106. The speakers are professors Alina Oxendine, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Joe Peschek, and Zhenqing Zhang. The event is free and open to the public.

    The Staff Diversity Development Initiative (SDDI) is pleased to invite the community to two upcoming Staff Diversity Reading Circles, both about the book A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota. The first is on Tuesday, November 1 and the second on Tuesday, December 6.