• Administrative Information


    Banner Code Spreadsheets

    These spreadsheets list all of the student categories and how they are coded in the Banner database. Codes no longer in use are also included with notation regarding their expiration. Use this information to pull student data.

    Hamline Plan Proposal Forms

    The proposal form for Hamline Plan designations to be added to courses is available on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee website.

    Requests for Student Data 

    • To request information about current students, contact Josh Nelson in the Registration and Records office at 651-523-2221 or by email.
    • To request historical student information, contact Institutional Effectiveness.

    Teacher Education Methods Course Cross-Registration

    Under special circumstances, graduate students pursuing teacher licensing may be allowed to take methods courses at one of the other ACTC schools. The appropriate Education Department Chair must verify that all responsibilities have been met before signing the student's registration request form.

    Graduate Student Drop/Withdraw Standards and Procedures

    Graduate students wishing to drop or withdraw from classes after the deadline must submit an appeal. The process begins in the students' respective program office.  If the program administrator believes an appeal is appropriate, they provide the student with the appeal form. The paperwork is then reviewed by the offices of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Registration and Records. The final review and decision is made by the appropriate school's Dean's office.