Graduate Calendars for Non-Degree Courses and Programs

    Graduate Continuing Studies, Professional Development, Certificate Programs, Etc.


    Registration, Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Dates


    Spring 2013

    Summer 2013

    Fall 2013

    Spring 2014

    Summer 2014

    Open Registration Begins

    Nov 12

    Feb 11 

    Apr 22

    Nov 18

    Feb 17

    Last Day to Add/Drop Online

    11:59pm the night before the course begins

    Last Day to Add a Class, Audit, or Designate P/N Grading

    prior to first class session

    Last Day to Drop Without Prorated Tuition
    Refund and W Notation on Record

    Based on Start of Course*

    Last Day to Withdraw

    Based on Start of Course*

    *Jump to Graduate Drop/Withdraw Dates


    Administrative Dates


    Spring 2013

    Summer 2013 

    Fall 2013 

    Spring 2014

    Summer 2014

    Semester Begins

    Jan 30

    Jun 3

    Sept 4

    Feb 5

    Jun 2

    Semester Ends

    May 11

    Aug 24 

    Dec 14

    May 17

    Aug 23