• Honorary Degrees at Hamline University

    Honorary degrees are awarded to outstanding high-achieving individuals who have made contributions in their respective fields, and who live lives that demonstrate the highest ethical integrity and commitment to the greater good.  They are are recognized as experts in their field and have earned honor and recognition for their work.  Honorary degree recipients are also well respected by their contemporaries and their peers.  While not all recipients have close Hamline connections, all such individuals exemplify Hamline’s core mission, vision, and values.

    View a full list of past honorary degree recipients.  

    Nominations may be sent to provost@hamline.edu and must include full supporting documentation.  Nominees who meet the following criteria will be considered:

    • Individuals with high ethical integrity and who are well-respected in the community and beyond. 
    • Individuals who have made significant achievements in their field of study, work and/or community. 
    • Individuals who believe in Hamline’s mission, vision, and core values, and who exemplify the Wesley principles of “doing all the good you can” in how they live and work. 
    • Individuals with strong Hamline connections and/or whose work is in alignment with Hamline’s mission and vision. 
    • Individuals who have made significant contributions locally and globally, and who have received respect, honor, and prestige for their works. 
    • Individuals who are available to attend and accept the honorary degree during the Hamline Commencement Ceremony. Individuals who are NOT ELIGIBLE include: 
    • Individuals who are current Hamline faculty or staff members and/or faculty or staff in the year of their retirement.  
    • Individuals who are running for public office in that commencement year.  Individuals who currently hold public office are not excluded from consideration. 
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    Sep 22 2014

    The Monthly Stat

    The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment describes how to use their Common Data Set in the September issue of The Monthly Stat.

    All fall intramural sports are now open for registration on the IMLeagues website and will end on September 22 at 5 p.m. Intramurals are open to all current students, staff, and faculty.

    The Hamline Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force is displaying the Live Free Without Violence flag this week in the Anderson Center in honor of two victims who lost their lives due to domestic violence.