• Event Attendance Request Forms

    Please complete all sections below, or download one of the following print versions and return to Amanda Roll-Kuhne (arollkuhne01@hamline.edu).  Call x 2043 with questions.

    Online Event Request Form

    Event Details

    Event title:

    Event date:

    Organizing office or department:

    Event location:

    What is the event schedule, including the provost speaking start and end time? 
    If you have invited guests, especially those from outside Hamline (e.g. Hamline board members, mayor of St. Paul, international visitors), please list their names, role(s) at your event, and some information about their background. 

    Which other Hamline administrators (if any) are invited?

    What is the purpose of this event?

    Provost's Role

    What is the provost's role in achieving the purpose of this event?


    Are there specific people he should be thanking, recognizing, or honoring?

    Will there be a script for this event? (If YES, please send script via email to provost and Amanda 3 days in advance of your event).


    Dress code: 


    Please provide any additional information to inform the content or tone of the provost's remarks or his/her role in contributing to the success of the event.


    Contact Information

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    Day of event contact name and phone(cell number, where possible):