• Standards of Practice 

    Hamline's Ombudsman adheres to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the International Ombudsman Association.  The Ombuds Office is confidential, neutral, informal and independent.

    Discussions with the Ombudsman are confidential.  Concerns discussed with the Ombudsman will not be shared without the permission of the visitor.  The only exception to this policy is when the Ombudsman determines that there is imminent risk of serious harm.

    The Ombudsman acts as a neutral party and does not advocate for any side in a conflict.  The Ombuds will help to identify perspectives, interests and options for resolution, and help facilitate agreement by all parties. 

    The Ombudsman is an off-the-record resource and does not participate in formal processes, but can help visitors identify and access appropriate processes or individuals.  The Ombuds Office is not a decision-making body, nor is it an office of notice for the University.

    The Ombudsman reports administratively to the President of the University but reports only types and numbers of cases.  Identifying information will not be shared without the permission of the visitor.