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    Queer 2 Peer Mentoring Program

    The purpose of the Hedgeman Center’s Queer 2 Peer Mentoring program is to help students develop a positive LGBTQIA identity while successfully adapting to life at Hamline. Mentors will support mentees in a safe, confidential, caring, one-on-one relationship while mentees work on personal, social, academic, career, and life goals. The Queer 2 Peer program will help foster mentoring relationships between faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students, that will offer support, guidance and resources to LGBTQIA students at Hamline University. For more information contact Stef Wilenchek at swilenchek01@hamline.edu.

    Application to be a Q2P mentee available here

    Safe Zone Members

    Click here for a list of LGBTQIA Safe Zone Members

    Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus

    Gender neutral restrooms are public restrooms that can be used by people of any gender or sex. Click here for a current list of gender neutral bathrooms on campus.

    DID YOU KNOW!?  In our society, people who do not conform to the  gender binary, such as transgender people,  intersex people, and  genderqueer people, may face legal issues, harassment, or even  violence if they are perceived by others to be using the "wrong" toilet. Transgender people face the additional risk of being  outed if they must use the toilet assigned to their biological gender. Intersex people may also face issues when using a gender-specific toilet.   

    Community Resources

    Transgender Legal Resources in MN     

    Click Here for information on Transgender Legal Resources like name change process and bathroom access. 

    Athletic Resources

    Click Here for information on LGBTQIA issues and Athletics.

    General Resources

    Click Here for resources on Bisexuality.
    Click Here for resources on the Coming Out Process.

    Legal Resources

    Click Here for information on legal issues surrounding the LGBTQIA community.

    Religious Resource

    Click Here for information on Religion and the LGBTQIA Community.

    Student & Ally Resource

    Click here for information on LGBTQIA Students and Allies.



  • Hamline News

    During recent ravels, Chaplain Nancy Victorin-Vangerud presented at several locations in Western Australia, Taipei, Tainan, and Taiwan.

    Jul 16 2014

    Basford Presents

    Hamline Professor Letitia Basford presented at the University of Minnesota’s Community-Engaged Research Conference on July 11 - 12 in Minneapolis. 

    T. Aaron Hans was recently welcomed as the new assistant director in the Office of Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives, and started on July 1, 2014.