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    Signature Programs



    Multicultural Mosaic
    Held a couple days before Piper Passages, the Multicultural Mosaic is our first major initiative of the school year.  The goals of this program are to provide students with opportunities to meet other new students and faculty and staff and to become acquainted with key University resources and services, while learning about important diversity issues including race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic class. Please click here for the application form if you are interested in volunteering.

    Student Empowerment Retreat
    "Relax, Relate, Release." This off-campus retreat provides opportunities for new and returning students to get acquainted, build stronger support systems, learn about our diverse communities and discuss issues of importance to diverse communities. In addition to team building activities, networking, interactive sessions on important college and campus issues, students participate in a bonfire and other fun activities. This event is coordinated by the Multicultural Alliance and is open to any student who is a member of one of the Hedgeman Center student organizations.

    Student Success Series
    This program is designed to introduce students to campus resources, services and topics that may be of interest or support to them. Students are invited to the Hedgeman Center over the Tuesday convocation hour to have lunch and participate in informational workshops in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

    "This Is My Story"-Conversations on Identity & Community
    This discussion series invites members of the community to share their personal stories about their social and cultural identities and journeys. We explore issues of discrimination and oppression, racial justice, cross-cultural alliances, reconciliation and specific issues facing different communities.

    Hamline Undergraduate Conference on Race & Ethnicity (HU-CORE)
    HU-CORE is an off-campus overnight retreat in which 40 undergraduate students are provided opportunities to learn about issues of race, racism and racial justice. The main goals of the conference are to: create an environment where individuals explore and push their comfort zones on issues of race and ethnicity; explore origins, manifestations and perceptions of race and ethnicity; examine issues of race and racial identity development; and begin building bridges and strengthen relationships between different campus racial groups. To download and application for HU-CORE, click here.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration

    Each year, Hamline University honors Dr. King's leadership to civil rights movement through a commemorative event in which university community members reflect upon, examine and celebrate King's life, philosophy and legacy. In addition to the commemoration, the MLK Day of Service has been added to our university celebration as a way to transform Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and teachings into community building. Click here for more information.

    Social Justice Symposium
    This symposium held during the first week in April, offers members of the University community opportunities to learn about social justice issues that affect our campus, local, and national communities. The symposium examines the intersections and commonalities between different social justice issues (racism, classism, homophobia, sexism, etc). In addition, the symposium highlights and celebrates the life and accomplishments of a different social justice activist. Past honorees have included Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ella Baker, Cesar Chavez, Harvey Milk, W.E.B. DuBois, and Helen Keller. Click here for 2014 Social Justice Symposium events.  

    Q-Unity: Hamline's LGBTQIA Student Retreat
    Q-Unity is an overnight, “lock-in” retreat for Hamline students that identify as LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, ally) or related identities.  The purpose of the retreat is to engage students in community building, self-awareness, peer-to-peer conversations and building stronger support systems on campus. We hope students leave the retreat with a better understanding of self and others as it relates to LGBTQIA identities. Activities include: team building exercises, intergenerational conversations, identity exploration, LGBTQ history, a local LGBTQ focused field trip and more. The retreat is limited to 20 Hamline undergraduate students who will be selected through an application process. Dinner, brunch, and snacks provided. Download the Q-Unity 2013 application here

    Queer 2 Peer Mentoring Program
    The purpose of the Hedgeman Center’s Queer 2 Peer Mentoring program is to help students develop a positive LGBTQIA identity while successfully adapting to life at Hamline. Mentors will support mentees in a safe, confidential, caring, one-on-one relationship while mentees work on personal, social, academic, career, and life goals. The Queer 2 Peer program will help foster mentoring relationships between faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students, that will offer support, guidance and resources to LGBTQIA students at Hamline University. For more information contact Stef Wilenchek at swilenchek01@hamline.edu. Application to be a Q2P mentee availablehere

    Hedgeman Center Honors & Awards Banquet
    The purpose of this event is to recognize, celebrate and inspire student success in academics, service and leadership. The program includes an address from a graduating senior, remarks from the president and awards presented to students in three categories (first-year, intermediate, and senior) of the above-mentioned categories. In addition, awards are given for the Outstanding Student Mentor, Faculty, Staff and Multicultural Ally. The "Barbara Simmons Eagle Award" is the highest award and is given to an undergraduate student of color who has succeeded in all three categories.

    "Voice and Vision" Newsletter
    Published quarterly, the newsletter serves to inform students and members of the larger campus community about campus activities, programs, services, and initiatives, especially those sponsored by or affecting Hedgeman Center students.  Click here to read the "Voice and Vision" Newsletter.

    Traditional Cultural History and Awareness Events

    Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) African Heritage Week (October)
    National Coming Out Week (October)
    Native American Awareness Week (TBD)
    Hmong Month Celebration/Hmong New Year (November)
    Black History Month (February) (2014 List of Events)
    Asian Heritage Month (March)

  • Hamline News

    During recent ravels, Chaplain Nancy Victorin-Vangerud presented at several locations in Western Australia, Taipei, Tainan, and Taiwan.

    Jul 16 2014

    Basford Presents

    Hamline Professor Letitia Basford presented at the University of Minnesota’s Community-Engaged Research Conference on July 11 - 12 in Minneapolis. 

    T. Aaron Hans was recently welcomed as the new assistant director in the Office of Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives, and started on July 1, 2014.