• Web Services

    What We Do

    Hamline's Web Services Team works with individual offices and departments to create and redesign websites, offer creative services for HTML emails and electronic newsletters, build microsites to promote upcoming events, craft digital ads, and create and develop other special projects. In addition, we oversee the creation and maintenance of the Hamline website. We also work with the Information Technology Services staff members on technical aspects of the web to ensure the best possible web presence for recruiting, retention, reputation-building, and instruction.  Creativity, functionality, and usability are the principles of the team's online communications philosophy.

    How We Work

    The Web Services Team completes more than 500 projects a year -- an average of two per workday. To keep track of all these projects, it has developed a system to make sure projects completed on time. To initiate a web or email project, create a job request by filling out the project request form: 

    Project Request Form

    The Web Services Team uses these forms to track all aspects of their projects to request separate pieces as part of a campaign (website, e-marketing, promo buttons), fill out a separate request form for each piece. Please also indicate if there will be any corresponding print pieces for the project. Once a project request form is received the team adds the project to its master schedule and assigns it to a designer. You'll be contacted regarding the details of the project, establish a timeline for materials to be submitted, and discuss the send/launch date. An in-person meeting will be scheduled, if necessary. 

    The team creates its best work that meets its partner's goals when:  

    • The process is started with complete and final copy -- copy that has been approved by everyone who needs to see it.
    • Clear goals are indicated.
    • Enough time to design, proof, and deploy the project is provided.

    Planning A Project

    A good way to get the most out of publications is to create a schedule for a year's publications in advance. Many offices choose to do this in July, when the new fiscal year begins. This allows the strategic scheduling of projects and provides enough time to develop the concept and copy. Once a schedule is established, fill out a project request form for each project. A single contact person must be identified as the project manager through whom all written materials and feedback/approvals will be delivered. Additionally, a content contributor must be identified for web projects (this may or may not be the same person as the project manager). This individual will be responsible for completing regular updates to the site through the content management system once the site is created or redesigned. When choosing a due date, please keep the scope of the project in mind. Small changes to an existing web page or menu can usually be accomplished in a day or so, while more complex projects may require up to 3 weeks.

    Design and Editing

    All design elements must adhere to the standards and best practices set by the Web Services Team.

    When copy is submitted to the Web Services Team it must be pre-approved by all necessary individuals. After approved copy is submitted, Web Services retains the right to edit for style and content.

    Web Training

    The Web Services team is responsible for training web editors across the university in Ektron, our web content management system.  

    Training is offered on an individual and group basis.  to register for a training session please contact our Web Editor, Daniel Campbell to set up your session at dcampbell04@hamline.edu or by phone at 651-523-2673.

    Looking for help from your colleagues? View a list of current web editors.  

    Training documents

    Ektron 101 
    The basic training manual for all Ektron users.

    Ektron Advanced
    Includes directions for more complex updates - should be used by web editors who have already completed advanced training with Marketing Communications.

    Update your profile in Piperline
    Follow the instructions in this document to update your profile.

    Web Best Practices
    Learn about search engine optimization and general best practices for all Hamline pages.

    Page Types and Modules 
    Describes the most common page types and widgets used on the Hamline site.

    Content Items
    Learn what module to use for each type of content on a page.

    Photo Galleries
    How to set up photo galleries using Flickr and Pictobrowser in conjunction with Ektron.

    YouTube Videos
    How to embed YouTube videos on Hamline pages.