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Between web and print, we produce more than 750 projects a year -- an average of three per workday. To keep track of all of these projects, we've developed a form to make sure we get your project completed.

To get started on a project, fill out the form below. We will follow up to finalize due dates and get any further details/clarification necessary to complete your project.

(For digital signage, Inside Hamline, calendar, social media, video, and PR requests please visit Strategic Communications.)

If you have any questions about this form, please contact the Office of Strategic Communications at

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Please note that the project requestor is responsible for contacting Hamline Mail Services at 651-523-2215 to request a 3602 form and for sending the mail list to the designated mail house. Mail lists need to be sent for processing at approximatley the same time as the project is approved for printing.

Note on Editorial:  While proofreading for errors is the client's responsibility, most copy will be edited for Hamline style and Chicago style during the proofing process as a service to clients and to maintain consistency throughout the university.

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The project requester is responsible for processing invoices for charges relating to this job. All invoices will be sent directly to the project requester for payment.

Note: Photos will be selected and posted to Hamline's Media Library Website for you to download and access at any time.

Note: If this is a publication we have not run an ad in before, please send a sample to us.

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