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    Print Services

    What we do

    The Print Services team produces ads, brochures, programs, invitations, viewbooks, signs, banners, books, cards, and the Hamline magazine and Annual Report, among other projects. The teams designs have appeared on everything from presidential robes to temporary tattoos, from football fields to pats of butter.

    The Print Services team maintains the university's visual identity -- the system of graphic and visual elements that define what Hamline is. This includes Hamline's wordmark, color palettes, fonts, and photography. We also maintain the university's editorial identity -- the words, phrases, and language that Hamline uses to describe itself.

    How we work

    To get started on a project, first fill out a project request form. The Print Services team uses this form to track all aspects of the project. 

    Project Request Form

    Once a project request form is received the team adds the project to its master schedule and assigns it to a designer. When it is time to start the project, you'll be contacted to talk about the project and the timeline. An in-person meeting will be scheduled, if necessary. The team will design a proof of the piece and share it. Then, after corrections have been and final approval given, the project will be sent to the printer.

    The team creates its best work and design publications that best meet its partner's goals when:

    • The design process is started with complete and final copy -- copy that has been approved by everyone who needs to see it. 
    • Clear goals are indicated.
    • Enough time to design, proof, and print the project is provided.
    • The quantity and budget are known from the beginning. This is especially important because there are different ways to print a project, and it will make a difference in how the project is designed.

    Planning A project

    A good way to get the most out of publications is to create a schedule for a year's publications in advance. Many offices choose to do this in July, when the new fiscal year begins. This allows the strategic scheduling of projects and provides enough time to develop the concept and copy. Once a schedule is established, fill out a project request form for each project. The team will be in contact when it is time to start.

    In general, the team asks for the following lead time on projects:

    • Stock products (standard invites, programs, and certificates) -- 2-3 weeks 
    • Revisions to an existing publication -- 4 weeks 
    • New projects -- 6-8 weeks 

    This time includes the week printers will need to print the project. Please keep in mind that any major changes throughout the proofing process -- such as late copy or significant copy changes, late proofs, etc. -- may delay the printing of the piece.

    The Print Services team understands that last-minute projects happen. The team will do what it can to accommodate such requests. For assistance planning a project, please email Katie Drews or call 651-523-2486.

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